Networking can be an invaluable job search tool, letting people know that you are on a career journey can allow them to reach out and help. You can begin or grow your networking skills in many different ways, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Networking is not sales – instead think of it as a career building conversation, whether in person or virtually, these are people who have similar interests as you and are willing to help.
  2. Plan your activities – you have limited time, use it well. Everyone will network in different ways: events; one-one conversations; conferences; LinkedIn; etc. Choose formats and avenues that will work well for you. Join the Fleming College Alumni LinkedIn page.
  3. Practice your Elevator Speech – quickly introducing yourself in a memorable way is an important skill set. Read through some of these tips for creating an impressive elevator speech.
  4. Friends & family – tell everyone you know. Friends and family have connections behind the scenes that you may be unaware of, be specific about what you are looking for and keep them updated.
  5. Follow-up – one conversation may not turn into a job… but the follow-up might.
  6. Keep Track – keep yourself organized, who did you speak to, what were their roles?  What follow-up or other steps you need to take with your new contacts?

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