Academic Counselling

Many students will encounter questions or concerns regarding their academics at some point in their college career.  This might include wondering if you are in the “right” program, and what other options may be more suitable for you. Even if you are satisfied with your program of choice, at times you may be facing challenges in some part of your program, and you would like to explore strategies for resolving them. Counselling can offer an objective, supportive and knowledgeable resource that will help you with these questions. If we can’t answer your questions, we can help guide you to the appropriate services and resources within and outside the college.

Some of the questions/concerns students bring to us include:

  • Can I appeal my mark? How? Who can help me with an appeal?
  • How can I manage all the group work I have?
  • How can I best approach a faculty member about a problem I am having in their course?
  • Can I reduce my course load?
  • Can I withdraw from a course, and what impact will it have on me?  Are there deadlines?


If you are experiencing these or any other academic concerns, please book an appointment with a counsellor.