EDI Progress Report

The following issues have been raised by college employees or students as equity, diversity & inclusion concerns at Fleming. You may check back here for updates as these issues are resolved.



Resolution/Progress to date


Spring 2021 Students reported to Diversity & Inclusion Services that they had issues with preferred name changes in their college D2L or email accounts. Faculty reported issues with students not able to change their preferred name on WebEx. These issues presented safety and inclusion concerns for transgender, non-binary and other students and employees.

Evolve Self-Service was updated to include Preferred Names (My Self-Service > Campus Personal Information > Names). Twice a week ITS will review these Service Requests and update User ID, email address, and Active Directory information which will update preferred names in these systems: D2L, OneCard, StarRez, ParkAdmin, MyCampus, WebEx, etc.

Note: While this process will update most commonly used systems, it will not change  Fleming email or User ID everywhere it is used. For more info: https://department.flemingcollege.ca/ro/name-changes/