Title Name Extension Office Email Profile
Dean Angela Stukator 6708  Haliburton  View
Chair Angela Pind
1448 B3321 View
Manager, English as a Second Language Tracey McConnery 1044 C0113 View
Academic Admin. Assistant Felicia Pavey 1637 B3325

 Program Coordinators

Program Name Extension Office Email Profile
 GHS – Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Certificates and Diplomas (formerly GAS – College Health Science)
Susan Hyndman 1620 B3309 View
GSU – University Transfer Dennis Vanderspek 1250 B3188 View
PHS – Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees (formerly Preparatory Health Sciences)
Susan Hyndman 1620 B3309

Discipline Coordinators

Subject Coordinator Extension Office Email Profile
Communications – 1st semester Fred Wood 1632 B3321 View
Communications – upper semesters Christopher Shields 1266 B3184 View
General Education Lisa Stefaniak 1362 B3184 View
Mathematics Victoria Maystruck  1023  B3309  View
Psychology Barb Bond
1383 B3188 View

Academic Upgrading

Manager, Fleming CREW Employment Centre, Peterborough: Debby Keating, Ext. 1355 or (705) 775-1232,

Campus Coordinator Phone/Ext. Office Email
Brealey Stephanie Hicks (705) 775-1312 Fleming CREW  Peterborough
Cobourg Stephanie Hicks (705) 775-1312 Cobourg Office 305 Link to Cobourg Team
Haliburton Marion Willemsen (705) 457-4562 Fleming CREW – Haliburton  Link to Haliburton Team
Frost Marion Willemsen (705) 324-4562 Frost Office 224

Student Advisors

Campus Student Advisor Email
CREW (Peterborough) Heather Scrimshaw
Cobourg Sharon LeRoy
Haliburton Nemieda Spence
Frost Michelle O’Donohoe
  • Haliburton: 49 Maple Avenue, Haliburton, P.O.Box 839 K0M 1S0
  • Fleming CREW: 1550 Lansdowne St. W., Peterborough, ON  K9J 2A2