SOCI36 Introduction to Psychology 45 hours This course offers a systematic approach to exploring human behaviour. The concepts and empirical findings are examined using a variety of theoretical approaches. Major topics include perception, motivation, learning, memory, intelligence, and personality.
SOCI59W Social Psychology – web-based   This course is designed to assist students’ personal development and understanding of social relationships in a culturally diverse world. The emphasis is on the development of social and interpersonal skills to foster effective work teams and personal relationships.
SOCI104 Sociology I: An Introduction 45 hours This course is intended to introduce students to the field of sociology and its insights into contemporary society.  A primary focus throughout the course will be to help students develop the conceptual tools to understand the relationship between their individual experiences/actions, and the larger context in which individuals live.  This makes it possible to see ourselves not just as isolated individuals, but as social actors who are shaped by — and help to shape — the world we live in.  In addition to core concepts such as culture, socialization and social structure, topics of examination will include social institutions, including the family and education.
SOCI158 Introduction to Psychology – Principles of Behaviour 45 hours Introduction to Psychology: Principles of Behaviour is a survey course of the psychological concepts and research methods used to understand and explain the principles of human behaviour according to a variety of sub-disciplines in the natural science stream of psychology including behaviour neuroscience, sensation, perception, consciousness, learning, memory, cognition, language, motivation, and emotion.