Gen. Ed. Courses

COMM17 Creative Writing  This course provides students with the opportunity to practice and employ principles of creative writing and other communication in both fiction and non-fiction. Using a variety of forms and inspiration from diverse sources, students will have a hands-on introduction to narrative, character, plot, voice and audience. Students will also participate in the creation of a creative publication, allowing them to demonstrate skills in writing, peer review, editing and publication.
GNED14 Environmental Issues for Industry  This course is designed for students who will work in an industrial setting. The course takes a broad look at environmental issues relating to industrial practices. In some cases, technical details of recovery/recycling processes are covered. Topics include industry’s effect on and remediation of natural resources such as water, air, soil, and biotic life. New approaches by industry toward sustainability and waste management are also included.
GNED19 Fitness & Wellness  This course will introduce students to issues of wellness, with particular emphasis on the physical fitness aspects.  Topics covered will include current health issues, exercise, and nutrition.  Students will assess their own individual fitness/wellness level and develop goals to improve their overall fitness levels.  Students will be encouraged to adopt a more healthful lifestyle based on sound principles of health and fitness.
GNED22 Human Sexuality & Intimate Relationships  This analysis of human sexuality draws on historical, theoretical, cross cultural, and life cycle perspectives of sexual attitudes, behaviours, development, and experiences. We explore gender relations, body image, sexual diversity, arousal and response, mating, dating, and interpersonal attraction, interpersonal communication, sex education, sexual health or risk, and issues of power or intimacy.
GNED24 introduction to Children’s Literature  This course explores the world of literature for children from infancy to adolescence. You’ll read and talk about past and present classics in children’s literature, some of which may be your own favourites.  Through reading, discover what makes good literature and what makes it controversial. Look at authors, illustrations, and children’s literature on the web and in other media. This course meets the General Education requirements in arts and language, cultural understanding, and personal and social development.
GNED29 Nature & Culture (Web-based) This online course explores the experience of nature from the perspectives of film, art, music, popular culture, literature, and personal experience. We will explore our responses to nature as landscape, park, garden, and wilderness, as well as our relationships with animals both domestic and wild.
GNED33 Professional Portfolio Development  Get the Work You Want! This course will assist post-secondary students to locate and win positions they want in the workplace. The use and development of a professional portfolio will be emphasized. Through career analysis self-assessment, goal setting, and portfolio development participants will improve their ability to link their skills and knowledge to appropriate career positions. The basics of job searching will be enhanced with sessions on electronic resume posting, web site searches, and online job links. Participants will complete this course with the foundation of a professional portfolio and the knowledge to find the work they want.
GNED35 Psychology of Sport  This course is designed to assist students’ personal development in the areas of sport and exercise. As such, the student will be provided with the basic understanding of psychological principles as they relate to their behaviour in sport and exercise contexts. Sport psychology applies to a broad population base such as: elite athletes, children, the physically and mentally challenged, seniors, and the average participant. The focus is on the application of research findings in order to understand how participating in physical activity affects a person’s psychological development.
GNED41 (Web-based) Virtual Cuture The Internet is a powerful tool that can take you places and expose you to experiences which you might not be able to enjoy in ‘reallife’. Through Virtual Culture, you take excursions to the world of culture on the Internet. Explore your own culture and those of the people around you. Learn a new language and communicate across cultures. Go to art galleries, museums, concerts and movies. Read literature and listen to storytellers. See how the Internet can be used to challenge culture. Through these excursions, you will be able to reflect on how the Internet has an impact on learning about and enjoying many aspects of culture.This course meets the General Education requirements in cultural understanding, arts and language, and understanding technology.
GNED44 Music in Society  This course examines the role of popular music in contemporary society. Students will learn about various music genres and will reflect on the social and cultural influences that inform their own tastes and shape the evolution of popular music in a North American context. No training in music is required to take this course.Note: This is a blended course with some online components. Students enrolled in this course will complete some course work outside the regular class schedule and should be comfortable learning in an online environment.
GNED49 Introduction to indigenous Studies  This course is an introduction to the study of Indigenous (First Nations, Metis, and Inuit) peoples in Canada. Students will explore the complex historical and contemporary relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. The course will also guide students to begin to understand the diversity and depth of Indigenous societies, worldviews, and knowledge through a multi-disciplinary lens.
GNED52 Towards Optimum Health  This course will provide students with the tools they need to achieve and maintain optimum health and longevity. The emphasis will be on avoidance of chronic diseases such as heart disease and stroke, cancer and diabetes through sound nutrition and therapeutic supplementation. Healthy living techniques such as exercise, stress management and the power of positive thinking will also be covered.
GNED66 Introduction to Improv  This course will introduce fundamental principles of performing improvisation. Utilizing games (similar to “Whose line is it anyway”) and theatre exercises, the participants will be introduced to the basic rules that improvisers follow when performing without a script. No improv or theatrical experience is necessary to take this class! Ideal for people who would like to try something new and fun while gaining new skills for practical application in the workplace and in daily life.
GNED91 Resume Building & Career Development  This course provides an opportunity to design and create a resume and other job search documents that are effective in today’s workplace. A portfolio of employment documents will be started. Industry and employer expectations will be researched and incorporated into career development strategies. Interview techniques to gather information and to conduct an interview process will be practised. The student will develop confidence to job search in today’s marketplace.
GNED92 Professional Practice  This course will introduce students to the legislative and regulatory bodies influencing the practice of the professional Engineering Technician or Technologist. Both federal and provincial associations monitoring and governing the practice will be covered. The array of professional issues that impact the practice of the technician or technologist will be explored. Students will be prepared to challenge the Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologist (OACETT) Professional Practice Examination toward becoming a Certified Technician or Technologists.
GNED108 Pursuit of happiness  This hybrid course explores current research into the meaning and definition of happiness. Rather than offering religious or spiritual paths to happiness, this course focuses on the latest scientific data related to the field of personal understanding, awareness, fulfillment, contentment, and other common descriptions of happiness. Various theories of happiness will be explored, including Mindfulness, Flow, and Neuroplasticity. Activities will include a variety of quizzes, reflections, a presentation, and one essay. Join us in our exploration; you’ll be happy you did!
GNED121 Conspiracy Theories:They’re Everywhere Conspiracy theories have exploded in popularity in recent years as the world we live in becomes more strange and alarming. Are UFO’s real? Are drug companies withholding vital cancer treatments? Can you really trust the government? Is your phone spying on you? This blended course will consider a wide variety of conspiracy theories from critical, psychological, political, and historical perspectives (or will it?).
GNED122 Food, Booze & Culture  This blended course explores the history, symbolism, politics and future of what we eat and drink. The familiar comforts of the kitchen are examined to personalize and reveal our complex connection to (and impact upon) global culture.
GNED123W Crime & Deviance in Modern Society  This online course explores the nature and meaning of deviance in examples ranging from murderers and terrorists to white-collar psychopaths, political dissidents and controversial social activists. What exactly is “normal”? Is criminal behaviour always wrong? Is it always right to conform? Are serial killers born, or made? How accurate are popular portrayals of criminals and profiling in film and the media? Utilizing a multidisciplinary and multimedia approach, this course asks students to engage with some of the most disturbing and challenging questions in modern society.
GNED128 Introduction to Indigenous Knowledge  This course introduces students to Indigenous ways of knowing through engagement with Indigenous philosophies and worldviews as well as Indigenous intellectual and cultural traditions.  Multidisciplinary in nature, the structure of Indigenous Knowledges provides a context for students to identify with and gain respect for their practical and sustainable applications.
HLTH273 Professional Issues in Health Science  Students will investigate and explore a variety of professional issues specific to the professions in the health field. Students will apply critical thinking to topics such as legal issues and ethical practice.
LANG1 American Sign Language  This is an introductory course designed for the student with no previous knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL). Beginners are in a classroom where no spoken conversation is allowed. Grammatical structures and facial expressions are taught according to their functions, which are then used in situations connected to everyday activities in the deaf community. The students learn how to relate to each other and build up their cross culture awareness and understanding of and respect for the deaf culture while they learn ASL.
LANG2 French I  Gain the confidence to conduct basic, grammatically correct conversations in French.  We focus on practical language situations in an interactive format to develop your listening and speaking skills.
LANG11 Spanish I  This course for absolute beginners introduces you to understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish, and is ideal for travel or as a start to further language studies.
LANG15 Spanish/English for Business  This unique course is designed for Mexican and Canadian students studying International Trade. English and Spanish-speaking students will share experiences and skills in this bilingual environment which will prepare them for work in the International Business and Trade context. English or Spanish speaking skills, reading and writing skills, and cross-cultural communications skills will be developed in this dynamic course.