City Rental By-Law for Students

Effective June 26, 2017, a new Peterborough City by-law referred to as the Licensed Rental Premises by-law (17-067), has come into effect where a single residential rental properties with four (4) to thirty (30) bedrooms, landlord’s are required to obtain a business licence from the City of Peterborough.

It is hopeful that this by law will help to ensure the safety of the occupants who reside in the units making sure the landlord has conformed to proper building standards, including fire codes and zoning.

If your landlord does not have a current business license, please contact the Peterborough Community Legal Centre to know your rights.  They can be reached by phone at 705-749-9355 or you can attend a walk-in housing clinic on Friday mornings (8:30am – 11:30pm) at 150 King Street, 4th Floor.

Please click here to view the city by-law

**this is a new by-law and not all landlords have applied for a business licence; this does not mean the unit does not meet the building standards, the landlord may not have applied yet***