When Should I Start Looking?

Do not wait to start looking for housing options – if you wait there is a good chance there will less to choose from.


  • Research. Read through the resources provided on our website.
  • Budget. Figure out how much you will need to spend on your rental. Get familiar with the rental market to get a sense of cost. Fleming College Budget Calculator
  • What do you want? Consider your wish list – determine your needs and wants. Check the listings to get a sense of the cost so you can act quickly if you need to.


  • Attend Open House. You should attend Open House to learn more about your housing options. There is a lot of great advice and opportunity to listen to housing presentations and pick-up information. This is a great chance to look around the community.
  • Search the Listings. Landlords will begin advertising their property. A few new listings are posted every day – so check often.
  • Sign a Lease. Start looking at rentals and use the resources provided to help in your search. May & June are good times to select your rental and sign a lease.


  • Intensify Your Search. If you don’t secure a rental during eh spring or early summer, you need to intensify your housing services by the middle of July (earlier if you have special requirements).
  • Re-think your Needs. If necessary, re-assess your needs. Flexibility in your price range, preferred location, and/or preferred features may open up new possibilities.
  • Reach out to Friends … lots of students find housing by word of mouth