Standardized Leases – effective April 30, 2018

Effective April 30, 2018 the Government of Ontario will require the use of a standardized lease that will cover all new lease agreements signed as of May 1, 2018. Under a provincially-mandated standardized lease program, all new lease agreements for rental housing must use a universal template that is set out by the government.  The general purpose of having a standardized lease is to use easy-to-understand language to assist with:

  • landlords and renters understand their rights and responsibilities
  • reduce illegal terms in leases and misunderstandings caused by verbal tenancy agreements
  • reduce the need for Landlord and Tenant Board hearings to resolve disputes

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Copy of Ontario’s standard lease

An Update to Lease Termination – Sept 8, 2016

As of September 8, 2016 tenants may be able to break their lease early if they are doing so to avoid sexual or domestic violence. This change in the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act allows tenants to provide 28 days’ termination notice. This amendment removes one of many obstacles victims face when they decide to leave their rented premise.

To use this provision of the Act, tenants have to provide their landlords with notice to end tenancy because of fear of abuse. Form N15 is used and can be found at: of Termination & Instructions/N15.pdf

The related legislation amendment can be found at: