Welcome to the Neighbourhood!

This page contains information to help you discover your new community! This tab will bring you closer to our community and the resources that we have to offer. Take some time to explore this page and learn more about how you can experience your community!

For more details about your community, please click on the link below to see our Student Housing Guides.  The Student Housing Guides contain valuable information about renting, rights and responsibilities, exploring your community and much more.

Student Housing Guides 

Learning to budget while you are living on your own can be a challenge. You can access a budget
calculator, how to make realistic financial goals and learn about spending habits here
Do you want to know what your garbage and your recycling schedule is? Keeping your rental clean is an important part of being a good tenant. You can access the information

Using the local transit system will be key to get around your community! Consider taking local transit as your student card includes transit fees. If it is after hours, search for taxis in your area if you are looking for you local transit schedule, please go to your city and it will take you to transit information

Take a look at what your community offers in terms of eateries with Menu Pix. Search for Farmer’s Market in your area for fresh foods. Many students are also looking for options around ways to save money on food so consider the FLIPP app to access local coupons at grocery stores!
Local food programs can help too!