College roommates can become friends for life, with a little common courtesy and respect. They can mean fun, laughter and great memories.

Common courtesy and respect towards your roommate(s) will ensure a fun college year. When living with other students keep in mind the following:

  • division of chores (e.g. Dishes, cleaning, lawn care, snow shovelling)
  • “if it’s not yours don’t touch it”. This includes food, clothing, and other personal belongings.
  • Having friends or guests over. Make sure you let your roommates know ahead of time, they might have a test, or may be having friends over as well.
  • Communicating. Discuss issues, no matter how small they may be.

Get to know each other…before you move-in

Whether you will be arriving to Fleming solo or have decided to request a roommate from home, it is beneficial to take steps to get to know all of your suitemates before you move in. Even before you move-in here are a few suggestions to help get things started off on the right foot.

  1. Share basic information about yourselves with each other
  2. Figure out what everyone is going to bring and what items your suitemate be willing to share.
  3. Connect on social media and start learning about your suitemates.

Getting to Know Your Roommate

When you move-in…

Within the first few days after you move-in we recommend that you sit down with your roommates to talk through and develop a Housemate Agreement. This can be used to guide a conversation about how you are going to live together.

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