Rental Types and Student Rates

For Off-campus housing, the three basic options are:

Room In A Private Home

A room in a private home where the tenant has use of the owner’s kitchen/bathroom facilities, is not covered under the Tenant Protection Act.

$550 & up – monthly

A room in a private home is the most economical way to live. The accommodation may consist of separate facilities or use of the landlord’s cooking facilities. Landlords will expect you to comply to house rules, and be sure to ask about these before you make any decisions. Do not take anything for granted.

Have a clear understanding with the home owner about break periods. In some cases there is no charge made for the break; however, this is entirely up to the landlord.

House, Apartment or Cottage

1 bedroom  $850 and up – monthly

2 bedroom  $950 and up – monthly

The cost is based on 3 or 4 students sharing an apartment or house. Cottages in the Lindsay area are approximately 15 – 20 kms from the campus.