Report an Incident

If you choose to file a report there are three options for reporting available to you as outlined below. If you choose to file a report with the College you can do so in person through the services listed below or use the *Online Incident Report Form*. For information on what the process will look like, please see the attached flowchart: What to expect when reporting sexual assault

Note: If you choose to use the Online Incident Report Form you will be redirected to the Fleming College Portal and will be required to login to access the form. It is still possible to use this form to file and anonymous complaint since your personal information will not be collected  nor stored unless you fill in the name and email address section of the form.

1. Informal/Information Report
Informal reports help the College community have an informed understanding of occurrences and needs within the College community. Reports work to create a safer environment for everyone. If you report an incident of sexual violence to any College staff member, as staff of the College, they are obligated to report any disclosures to the Security Office; however, you can remain anonymous. (Please see Section 5 of the Sexual Assault Protocol if you have received a disclosure of sexual violence).

Please note: Without a formal report an investigation is unlikely. If the alleged perpetrator is another member of the College community, you may file a Formal College Report. (See Section 8 of the Sexual Assault Protocol for information on how the College will respond to a Report).

2. Formal College Report
If you would like to make a formal report of having experienced sexual violence, please call Campus Security at 8000 (from a campus phone) 705-749-5530 x8000 (from an outside line), contact a Residence Life Staff or the Human Rights Officer and they will assist you by providing the resources and support you need. You may wish to bring a supportive person with you, this may be a friend or staff person.

3. Police Report
Individuals who have experienced sexual violence may also wish to press charges under the Criminal Code. Campus Security can also assist you with contacting the local police. You may make both a Formal College Report as well as a Formal Police Report.