Contract Faculty Employees

Note:  This page is for Contract Faculty.  All other new employees will receive all of the necessary forms with their offer letter.

As a new Contract Faculty employee to Fleming College, we require you to complete the following forms. The first 3 forms are mandatory for all contract faculty, and the fourth form is optional. 

Return Forms # 1-2 & 4 to  and to the person that directed you to this page (School contact). Please ensure that you have completed all sections of the Employee Personal Data Form

The Step Calculation Input Form (#3) should be returned to the person who directed you to this page.

Please be advised that contract faculty are paid 2 weeks in arrears and the pay schedule can be found here.

1. Employee Personal Data Form

Required for access to college systems.  You must also provide banking information (void cheque, bank documentation). It must be completed and sent along with the TD1/TD1ON forms to HR prior to the beginning of your teaching contract.

Please ensure that you complete the Employment Information section.

2. Personal Tax Credits Return

TD1ON – Ontario (Provincial)
TD1 – Canada Revenue Agency (Federal)

Required to determine amount of payroll tax to deduct.

3. Step Calculation Input Form

Required for contract faculty  to determine your teaching rate of pay. Employee must also provide current resume.
Instructions for completing the Step Calculation Input Form can be downloaded here. Please complete this form in Excel only. Do not save as a PDF or submit as a paper-copy. This form should be returned (electronically) to the person who directed you to this page.

4. Pension (optional)

Other than Regular Full-Time Employees (OTRFT) employees are people who work full-time on contract with a pre-determined end date;
* are sessional employees;
* work less than full-time hours;
* work less than a full work week.

You are entitled to join the CAAT Pension Plan. Please see visit the Plan’s website ( for details about the Plan, how you may join, and factors to consider before joining. Click here to download the enrollment form or you can enroll. online at Enrol – CAAT Pension Plan.

Any questions regarding the Pension Plan, please email our Benefits Administrator at