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Payroll Updates New Information 2022

Exception Report
Overtime Form
Shift Premium Form
Footwear-Eyewear Claim Form

Employee Personal Data Form
TD1 – Tax Form – 2022
TD1-ON – Tax Form- 2022
Change of Information Form

2022 Payroll Schedule

Parking Deductions Form 


The Payroll Team is responsible for the processing of the bi-weekly payroll in a timely and accurate manner within federal, provincial and college guidelines. We also provide many services for our employees such as mandatory, statutory and general payroll deductions, remittances, direct deposit, pay advices and Record of Employment reporting.

T4/T4A Forms

Employees have the option to access and print their T4/T4A slips through Evolve self-service as soon as they are made available by the Payroll department.  This option will permit you the flexibility to print off your slip at any time and slips will remain available as long as you remain an active employee. T4’s will be made available by February 28th yearly.

T4/T4A Slip Retrieval

In order to use this option however, we need your consent.  If you consented in past years, there is nothing for you to do; last year’s consent remains valid in subsequent years until you submit a withdrawal of consent form.   The exception to this is if you are on a leave; in this case, your tax slips will be mailed to you.  If you would like to review your current consent status, would like to consent or wish to withdraw consent, please see the document below for directions;

Withdraw T4 Consent

Please refer to the links below for payroll forms submission deadlines. In order to get your payroll deposit to you on time every other Friday, we must operate under firm processing time lines. Late arriving documents will not be processed until the next regularly scheduled pay cycle.

Timesheet  (excel version for printing)

Employee Payroll Forms:

The following forms (#1 & 2) must be completed for all new hires and for employees that have not worked over the past 12 months;

1. Employee Personal Data Form

This form is to be completed for employees upon first hire and submitted to HR.  Once the form has been processed in HR, the manager will receive confirmation directly from IT Services for initial access or reactivation to college systems (network, email, staff portal etc) if applicable.  This form must be completed for all new hires even if an IT account and access is not required.

The employee must also provide banking information (void cheque, bank documentation). It must be completed and sent along with the TD1/TD1ON forms to HR prior to a new employee’s first payroll submission deadline as noted above in the Payroll Schedule.

2. Personal Tax Credits Return

The information on these forms is used by payroll to determine the amount of your tax deductions. If you have a change to your tax situation please complete and sign these forms and send to the payroll office.

Other Payroll Forms

a) Change of Information Form
If you have a change to your personal information (eg. Address, Name, Bank Account) on record in payroll please complete this form and return to the HR department (B3 112).

Banking Changes – Updated
Effective January 1, 2020, if you need to change your banking information you are required to complete and sign the Change of Information Form above and submit it along with your VOID cheque or Direct Deposit Form.

Address/Telephone/Emergency Contact Changes:  Changes can also be completed by the employee in Evolve through My Self-Service>Personal Information.

Name Changes: Complete the Change of Information and submit it along with official documentation (ie: marriage certificate, drivers licence etc) showing the change in name. Names will not be changed without documentation.  Please be advised that changing your name does not automatically change your email address. Once your name has been changed by HR, you will be notified by email and it is then the responsibility of the employee to contact IT to request an email address change.

b) Full Time Support Staff Payroll Forms
These forms are used for special payments for Full Time Support Staff. Refer to the Support Staff Collective Agreement for specific information or contact the HR office with any questions:

c) Regular Part-time Support Staff Payroll Forms
These forms are used for special payments for Regular Part-Time Support Staff (“RPT”). Refer to the Part-Time Support Staff Collective Agreement for specific information or contact the HR office with any questions:

d) Exception Report 
Exception reports are to be completed by automatically paid employees (FT & PT) when the hours are changed or adjusted from their printed contract.
– Exception Report
– Exception Report – Instructions

e) Forms used by Managers
Delegation of Approval and Signing Authority Form Updated
This forms serves to delegate or remove Approval and Signing Authority for all payroll related forms including timesheets (both digital and hardcopy), exception reports, shift premium and overtime.

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Parking – information about payroll deductions for parking is available from the Security & Parking website.

Coffee Fund/Lounge Services – This bi-weekly deduction provides employees with the option to enjoy coffee, tea and Juice in the staff lounge. The sign up for this is offered upon hire on the Payroll Information Form. Contact the to cancel or enrol in this plan.

Employee Computer Purchase Plan – information about this plan is available through the Finance department. (Under Financial Forms & Guidelines – Employee Computer Purchase Program)

RRSP (Employer Group Plan)– (link to SunLife website)

Benefits/Pension – (link to the HR Benefits/Pension webpages)

Payroll Advice Slips

Full-Time & Part Time/Contract employees: To view and print your self service pay advice slip, log in to Evolve/Staff Portal and select My Self Service> Payroll and Compensation> View Paycheck. With the new version of PeopleSoft, you will notice that your self-service pay advice slip appears different. It is now a PDF, which allows you to easily save a copy and print it. Also, with each paycheck you view, you will see YTD gross, tax, deduction and net pay totals that are as of the date of the paycheck; this was not previously available.

Time Sheets

Timesheet forms are available through the HR office at the Brealey Campus. For a supply of forms please contact the who will send them through interoffice mail or you can pick them up in the HR office, room B3 112.  Timesheet  (excel version for printing)

Record of Employment

Fleming College processes ROE’s electronically to Service Canada.  This will be completed within 5 business days of your last pay. You will not receive a copy from payroll as you do not need to submit copies to Service Canada. Employers, who submit through this electronic method, are no longer required to provide paper copies of ROEs. Contact for any questions regarding your ROE.

Once you have registered with the My Service Canada Account online service you may view and print a copy of your electronic ROEs on the same day we submit ROEs to Service Canada.

Link below is to Service Canada publications outlining how to apply for Employment Insurance Benefits and use the My Service Canada online service

The following situations will automatically trigger the completion of an ROE:

  • End of employment (FT)
  • Maternity leave
  • End of Faculty contract (as long as no future contracts)
  • Illness (as long as Benefits has been notified)d

If you request an ROE for another situation, we will need the following information to complete the request correctly:

  • Full name
  • Empl ID
  • Last day of work
  • Reason for ROE

Please forward all requests to

Other information


Compensation (please refer to your specific employee group for more information)

Compensation Guidelines (December/January Holiday Break)



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