Faculty Resources

Welcome, Faculty!

Faculty Resources is a repository of information to assist faculty (whether new or more seasoned).
It is largely a collection of links to other documents, in attempt to make them readily accessible, in one location.

New Faculty:

Contract Faculty

Administrative Information
Policies & Procedures.

Student Privacy FAQ for Faculty
This document answers a variety of questions about releasing students’ personal information, including
– how to take attendance
– how to email your students (as a whole group)
– what information you can release to a student’s parent/guardian/spouse (hint: NONE)
– collecting and returning student work

Guidelines for Professional Practice
This document lists Fleming’s guidelines for professional practice for both students and faculty. It can be used to guide a discussion of expectations of students and faculty at the beginning of each new class.

FDR Course Evaluations
Fleming Data Research (FDR) will place hard copies of this document into your mailbox in the staff lounge as the semester progresses (usually around Week 8). One section that you are teaching this semester will be chosen by FDR for you to administer the survey in either Week 10 or 11 (you can decide which of these two weeks is preferable for your class). Detailed instructions are included in the package.


How-To Guides
Class Cancellation Process
This guide provides more detail on how to cancel or delay one of your classes. Class
cancellations must be done through this official system to ensure all students are notified.

Through the myCampus portal, you will be connected to Fleming’s Peoplesoft Evolve system for certain functions.
This guide will help you to
– Access your faculty timetable and class rosters
– Generate a class list
– Cancel a class
– Access “My Self Service” functions

myCampus Portal
This document will help you navigate through Fleming’s myCampus portal and complete a variety of tasks, including
– Changing your system password
– Accessing your staff email
– Accessing your Fleming files from home/off campus
– Submitting an IT “ticket”

How to set up a printer

Microsoft Outlook Help Guides

Creating a class distribution list in Outlook
This document will help you set up an email distribution group for each of your classes (instead of always having to email through Class Roster).

Helpful Information

Security & Parking Services

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Mandatory Training

For Faculty members (whether full-time, part-time, partial-load, or sessional), there are a total of five (5) mandatory training modules:

Contract Faculty can be paid for the time they invest completing these modules. For more information, see the Mandatory Training Compensation

Below is a sample Training Summary for a faculty member who has completed all of their mandatory training.

To find yours,
1. Login to the myCampus portal
2. Click “Learning & Development” (under the “My Self Service” heading)
3. Click “Training Summary”