Tuition Waiver for Dependent Children

The Tuition Assistance for Dependent Children Program provides tuition assistance for Academic programs taken at Fleming College eligible to eligible children of permanent full-time employees of Fleming College.

Application Form
Application Form – BScN Program

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Questions and Answers

Who is eligible?
This program is available to a dependent child of a full-time Fleming College employee, as defined in the College’s employee benefits plan, as of the beginning of the applicable academic term.  The dependent child must be enrolled in an eligible post-secondary program at Fleming College.  Please refer to the appropriate benefits booklet available on the Human Resources website.

How does my child apply?
An application form (available above) must be submitted to Human Resources for every term the eligible child attends their program up to the program maximum.

How do I know when the deadline is?
The application form has to be submitted no later than the Tuition Deposit deadline date.  The deadline is available on the Registrar’s Office website.

What if my child is applying for OSAP?
Students applying for OSAP must disclose their eligibility for Tuition Waiver funding on their OSAP application.

What is the value of the waiver?
The waiver is equal to standard domestic tuition for the term, less the portion attributable to the tuition fee set-aside.  Standard domestic tuition is approved annually by the Fleming College Board of Governors.

Is the waiver taxable?
Students receiving assistance will be issued a T4A slip as required by the Canada Revenue Agency.

How often do forms have to be submitted?
A separate application form must be submitted for each eligible term of study.

Does the waiver cover books and fees other than tuition?
This program does not cover fees such as ancillary, activity, lab fees, etc. or the cost of books.

What if both parents are full-time permanent Fleming employees?
The lifetime maximum of assistance per dependent child is six semesters of study in full-time Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) funded post-secondary programs, regardless of whether the child is a dependent of more than one full time employee.

Can an application be submitted for terms already completed prior to September 2017?
This program will not be retroactive to semesters of study that have already been completed.

For more information, please contact the Benefits Administrator.