Holidays & Leaves

Fleming provides time off for statutory holidays, vacations and through various leave options for its’ employees.

Statutory Holidays

Fleming has no classes and the College is closed on the following Public Holidays:

  • New Year’s Day (January)
  • Family Day (February)
  • Good Friday (March/April)
  • Victoria Day (May)
  • Canada Day (July)
  • Civic Holiday (August)
  • Labour Day (September)
  • Thanksgiving Day (October)
  • Christmas Day (December)
  • Boxing Day (December)

As well, the College is closed on the days between Christmas and New Year’s. Please refer to the Compensation Guidelines regarding compensation during this closure.

For more details regarding holidays, please refer to the College Academic Schedule.


For full-time employees, vacation entitlement and related information is set out in the Collective Agreements or Terms and Conditions of Employment.

Click here for additional information regarding Vacation for Administrators.

Click here to access the Academic Vacation Carryover Approval Form

Click here for additional information regarding Vacation for Support Staff

Leaves of Absence

Information regarding various leaves is available in the Collective Agreements or Terms and Conditions of Employment.

1. Professional Development Leaves  (Sabbatical)

2. Maternity/Parental Leave

Fleming College offers very generous Maternity/Parental leave options, in coordination with Employment Insurance (EI) benefits. Please notify in Human Resources no later than 6 weeks prior to the leave period in order to complete the necessary paperwork for the leave of absence.

   Maternity Leave

A pregnant employee who has been employed on a full-time basis for at least thirteen (13) weeks before the expected date of delivery shall be entitled to seventeen (17) weeks of Maternity leave. Such leave must be applied for in writing to your manager.

A two week EI waiting period following delivery is paid at 93% of your base salary by the College, with the remaining weeks “topped up” by the College to 93% salary during the absence. This means that the College will pay the difference between your EI benefits and 93% of your base salary throughout the duration of your maternity leave.

For further information, please visit

   Parental Leave

Parental Leave is available to either parent regardless of gender. “Parent” includes a person with whom a child is placed for adoption and a person who is in a relationship of some permanence with a child. For specific information on the definition of “parent” and who is eligible for EI Parental Leave Benefits, as well as information regarding the sharing of parental leave between two parents, please visit

A leave of absence of up to thirty-seven (37) weeks (includes a 2 week EI waiting period College paid at 93%) is available to any new parent who has been employed for at least thirteen (13) weeks. Such leave must be applied for in writing to your manager.

An employee on pregnancy leave may take up to an additional thirty-five (35) weeks parental leave, provided the employee applies in writing two (2) weeks prior to the expiry of her pregnancy leave. Salary is topped up by the College to 93% during this absence.

Further information may be found by consulting the following resources:
Support Staff Collective Agreement – Article 12.6
Academic Staff Collective Agreement – Article 22
Administrative Staff– 6.3 of the Terms and Conditions of Employment

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3. Prepaid Leave

Fleming’s Prepaid Leave Plan was developed to provide full-time employees the opportunity to defer up to one-half of their gross salary to finance a future leave of absence.

4. Unpaid Leave of Absences


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