Full-Time Employees

Full-time permanent employees of Fleming College are enrolled in the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT) Pension Plan which provides pensions that are paid for life, calculated based on your earnings and years of service.  Plan Members will receive an Annual Pension Statement detailing the contributions made to the Plan from the date of enrolment to the end of the previous year.

Other than Regular Full-Time Employees (OTRFT) employees are people who:

  • work full-time on contract with a pre-determined end date;
  • are sessional employees;
  • work less than full-time hours;
  • work less than a full work week.

All Other Than Regular Full-Time employee are entitled to join the CAAT Pension Plan, a defined benefit plan. Please see visit the Plan’s website for details about the Plan, how you may join, and factors to consider before joining.

If you wish to join the Plan, it is your responsibility to review the material on the website, return the enrolment form to your HR department, and to follow up by checking that appropriate Plan contributions are being deducted from your pay.

If you join, you will contribute based on a percentage of your earnings, and Fleming College will match your contributions.  Once you join, you become a member of the Plan and contributions continue until you terminate employment, retire or die.  Subject to the Plan terms, for so long as you are a member of the Plan or remain entitled to a benefit under the Plan, you are required to contribute on any applicable earnings from employment in the college system or other participating employer.

If you terminate employment before retirement, your membership in the Plan continues for 24 months, also limiting the payment options that may be available to you during this time.  If you do not join when enrolment is first offered, you may join the CAAT Pension Plan, subject to its terms, at any time during your employment.

If you are already a member of the CAAT Pension Plan through another college or other participating employer or if you already have an entitlement under the Plan, it is your responsibility to notify your new employer immediately so that appropriate contributions can be deducted, if applicable.

Contribution Formula

Effective January 1, 2013, pension contributions for full-time employees will no longer fluctuate throughout the year. Contributions for 2021 will be as follows:

Biweekly pensionable earnings Contribution rate
up to $3,166 11.2 %
above $3,166 14.8 %

Learn more about your CAAT pension

Want to learn more about the value of your pension? Are you curious about how you can easily access your pension information through a secure online portal? Watch these videos to learn more.

Further information is available on the CAAT Pension Plan website.

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