Freedom of Information (FOI)

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) came into effect for Ontario community colleges on January 1, 1989. This legislation specifies how Fleming College must handle personal information as well as how to respond to information access and correction of information requests. Individual college departments are responsible for developing and implementing their own guidelines and procedures to ensure that they comply with the FIPPA legislation. All College employees have a responsibility to understand what personal information is, and when working with personal information to collect, use and disclose it only where necessary to perform their individual job duties. They all have the responsibility to control, store and maintain any personal information in a secure manner as to prevent unauthorized disclosure. The College FOI Coordinator will handle any formal requests for access to information and formal personal information correction requests.

Fleming FOI Resources

Please visit for Fleming College’s policies and procedures related to FIPPA and PHIPA, to learn more about your rights and responsibilities under FIPPA as an employee of the College, and to make a formal FIPPA/PHIPA request.

For any questions or concerns related to Freedom of Information(FOI) please contact

Additional resources are available at