Retiree Group Benefits

Employees who retire to a monthly pension are eligible to enroll in Fleming’s Retiree Benefit Plan through Sun Life.

Retirees have the option to enroll in extended health care, dental, basic life insurance, and/or additional life insurance, subject to the employee paying 100% of the associated premiums, including PST.  Within the extended health care and dental benefits, are two plans in which the retiree may select, if they choose to opt into the benefits.  Some life insurances have age limitations exist and are explained further in the Life Insurance Benefits at a Glance. Benefit premiums are deducted from the retiree’s bank account at the end of each month through a pre-arranged auto-debit process.  Click here for the Pre-Authorized Debit Form.

General Information About Your Retirement Benefits

Extended Health Care Benefits at a Glance – Retiree Group

Dental Benefits at a Glance – Retiree Group

Life Insurance Benefits at a Glance – Retiree Group

Retiree Group Benefits Costing Sheet – effective February 1, 2022

Retiree Group Benefits Premiums Worksheet

For more information, please contact the Benefits Administrator.