Time Away from Work/Medical Accommodation

Fleming College promotes an environment of health, safety and wellness for all employees. There are times when an employee is away from work due to work-related accidents or due to illness and for more information, visit the Absences webpage.

For more information regarding Statutory Holidays, vacations and leave of absences, visit the Holidays & Leaves webpage.

Accident Reporting Form

When an accident involves a referral to a Health Care professional or lost time, it is URGENT that the injury is reported IMMEDIATELY to the Benefits Administrator in order to meet WSIB reporting requirements.

The Accident Reporting Form can be found on the Health & Safety website at the following link.

My Absences

All absences (vacations, sick, lieu, etc) for full-time employees are to be recorded in My Self Service > My Absences, a new module in Evolve since December 2011. Managers also use My Self Service > My Employees’ Absences to review and approve their employees’ absences. It is all employees responsibility to ensure all of their absences are recorded in My Absences. Training sessions were held when this new module was introduced, but if you missed one of the sessions, the following is available to you:



Return to Work/Medical Accommodation

Holidays & Leaves