Onboarding Employees

Onboarding Employees

New employees, whether new to the College or new to the Department, need extra time and support when they first arrive.  As their Leader, you have a responsibility to help ease their transition by providing an effective onboarding experience.

An effective experience means giving the employee the right information, at the right time, in the right way.  Make it timely and easily digestible, and checking in with them often to ensure you are both on the same page with regard to expectations and any needed supports.

NEW!!  Digital Onboarding Guide.   This is automatically deployed by Evolve to all brand new employees who are joining Fleming College.  In addition to being a convenient central location for the new employee to learn key information about our College, see our organization charts, review our strategic plan, and understand our governance structures, it is also where they will access all of their mandatory training requirements.    It is your responsibility to ensure your new employee has completed their mandatory training requirements by the end of their first week of employment.

Onboarding Guides

Pre-boarding Procedure

Before you can get to onboarding a new employee though, you need to undertake a pre-boarding process to ensure basic services are setup for them.   As a hiring manager, you will receive an email from HR with a pre-boarding form which you must complete.  Once you complete and return the form to HR (HR@flemingcollege.ca), the following possible services will be setup (based upon your answers):

–          Accounts (Computer Login/Email & Evolve)
–          Office set up with furniture, computer, door signage
–          Phone extension, Jabber and mobile device
–          Access card, door keys
–          Etc.

Please be aware that, based on your answers, you may be contacted by the service provider (e.g. ITS, Physical Resources, etc.) to seek clarification before the service is put in place.

For your information, the Process Flow below outlines how the pre-boarding process unfolds and which service providers in the College are involved.  A sample form is also attached for information only.   REMEMBER:  You do not have to do anything for pre-boarding until you receive an email from HR.

Process Flow  (click Here for a printable version of the Process Flow)