Onboarding Employees

Onboarding begins after the hiring manager has made an offer of employment to a prospective new employee and they have verbally or formally accepted the offer.

We currently have a  pre-boarding process for all brand new employee hires at all campuses. This applies to new hires of all employee types (full time, part time, contract faculty, students). It does not cover returning employees, internal moves or departures, but we will be addressing internal moves in the near future.

As a hiring manager, this process kicks off with you receiving an email from HR with a form that you must complete.  You will be asked for location where your new hire will sit, whether they need a new telephone extension or will be assuming an existing one, whether they need keys to certain rooms, what Evolve access they require, and additional information as required.  Some of the fields are initially pre-filled with a default answer based on our understanding of what an employee of this type requires; you are free to override the default if you require something different.

Once you return the form to HR (HR@flemingcollege.ca), the following possible services will be provided (based on your answers):

–          Accounts (Computer Login/Email & Evolve)
–          Office set up with furniture, computer, door signage
–          Phone extension, Jabber and mobile device
–          Access card, door keys
–          Etc.

Please be aware that based on your answers, you may be contacted by the service provider (ITS, Physical Resources etc) to seek clarification before the service is put in place.

For your information, the Process Flow below outlines how the process unfolds and which service providers are involved.  A sample form is also attached for your information only; when you do have a new hire, you don’t need to do anything with it until you receive an email from HR.

Process Flow  (click here for a printable version of the Process Flow)