Student Workers

Please note that all recruitment activities related to student employment opportunities must be approved by SMT prior to posting amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

As part of the overall student experience, Fleming College provides paid employment opportunities to its students; funded by the College OR paid for by the associated department.

To learn more about the Colleges student employment wage subsidy programs please read section 6 of the ‘Manager Guide to Student Hiring’, which you can download from the link below under ‘Resources’.

In an effort to support students in obtaining employment experience, managers are encouraged to budget for student workers each fiscal year and not rely solely on the College funded programs.

Student Wage Rates:  Effective January 1, 2022, the student rate increased to $15.00 per hour
Digital Self-Service Time Sheets: All students are on digital time sheets, to learn more about this process go to My Campus > Staff Resources > Timesheets.

Managers Guide to Student Hiring
Sample Interview Questions
Safety Orientation Checklist
Summary of Eligibility Requirements for Funded Student Positions

The Student Hiring Process:
**Effective Sept 23, 2021, we are no longer using Orbis. Step 2 & 3 have been updated to reflect this change. 
Step 1. Review the Established Job Descriptions and identify the position you are hiring for.
Step 2. Complete the On-Campus Job Posting Form and email completed form to Human Resources will review and approve and then send to a Virtual Employment Advisor for processing.
Step 3. You will receive a notification from the Virtual Employment Advisor when your job posting has been processed and gone live.
Step 4. You will receive resumes to the email inbox specified in the job posting submission.
Step 5. Screen resumes and create a shortlist of candidates to Interview.
Step 6. If this is a position funded by FWSP or SEP, you need to do the following before proceeding to interviewing candidates:
  • For FWSP positions only – have the students you have shortlisted complete the FWSP – Application Form (Fillable)
  • Contact Financial Aid (, with a list of student names you have shortlisted (for FWSP or SEP). You must include their ID Number and attach completed application forms for FWSP funded positions. They will review and confirm their eligibility for funding and contact you by email.
  • Of those that are considered eligible you may consider for the position and proceed to Step 7.

If this is a position funded by ISEP, you need to do the following before proceeding to interview candidates:

  • Contact International Student Services ( with a list of student names you have shortlisted. You must include their ID Number. International Student Services will review and confirm their eligibility for funding and contact you by email.
  • Of those that are considered eligible you may consider for the position and proceed to Step 7.

Step 7: Proceed with scheduling the students for an interview.
Step 8. Select successful candidate(s)
Hiring an International Student? You need to ensure they have a valid SIN number.

International Students can only work at Fleming College if authorization to study was given by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. If they do not have a valid SIN then prior to making an offer you must complete this form and have the student visit a Service Canada centre to obtain one.

Step 9. Produce the appointment letter
Part-time Student Appointment Letter Templates:
Part Time Appointment Letter Template
OARI Student Part Time Appointment Letter Template

Full-time Summer Student (App G) Appointment Letter Template:  Complete the App G Appointment Letter Request Form and submit to Human Resources produces full-time appointment letters and a copy will be provided to the manager to distribute to the student worker for signature.
** FT Students are entitled to join join the CAAT Pension Plan, under its DBplus design (Appendix G of the Plan Text). Please note, enrolment in the CAAT Pension Plan is optional and if interested students can register online here:  Enrol – CAAT Pension Plan

Step 10. Submit signed appointment letter and new hire paperwork to payroll one week prior to the students start date. Note: new hire paperwork is only required if the student has not been previously employed by the College.
New Hire Paperwork can be downloaded from the Payroll tab and should include the following:
– Employee Personal Data Form
– TD1 and TDION Tax Forms

Step 11: Arrange for account and system access by contacting IT:
Depending on the system access required, students will require a student employee account that is separate from their regular student account.

Step 12. Inform the student worker that they must complete the following mandatory health and safety training through the portal, (My Campus > More Applications > Learning and Development):

  • Accessibility Training
    • AODA Suite
      • Accessible Customer Service
      • Integrated Accessible Standards
    • Health & Safety Training
      • Health & Safety Worker
    • Sexual Assault & Violence
    • WHMIS Training
      • Email to request your student be registered. This training is administered by YOW Canada and once registered the student will receive the training information via email
    • COVID-19 Employee Training

If the student has already completed the above safety training they do not need to do them again. They can verify completion by checking: My Campus > More Applications > Learning and Development > Training Summary

Step 13: Managers with student positions that are required to work on campus must complete a COVID 19 Safe Work Plan. Information and details on completing the safe work plan can be found here: COVID-19 Safe Work Plan | Occupational Health & Safety Department (

For general inquiries about student hiring contact Human Resources:
For ISEP contact International Student Services:
For FWSP and SEP contact Financial Aid:

Other COVID 19 Resources for Managers with Students Working on Campus.

A reminder that student workers that are required to work on campus must also complete the required COVID 19 Health Screening before the start of every shift in person at a designated SAFE entrance or by using the Self Screening Tool available through the Fleming Safe APP.