Student Workers

As part of the overall student experience, Fleming College provides employment opportunities to its students. Students can obtain compensated employment and practical work experience within the College community through two programs – the Fleming Work Study Program and the Summer Employment Program. The Fleming Work Study Program is funded by Fleming College and provides part-time work opportunities for eligible students during the study year. The Summer Employment Program provides full-time employment opportunities to eligible students during the summer months (May – August).

First time hiring a student worker or are you just not sure what to do? Then you need to start by reading the Managers Guide to Student Hiring. This is an easy reference guide with a detailed table of contents so you can find the information you need quickly and with no hassle – we promise! Please note with the recent updates to the process some portions of this guide require updating.

Student Wage Rates: All Student Positions: $14.21 per hour

Student Hiring Process :
The process has changed effective March 2018. Please review applicable notes below

Posting an Established Student Position. Follow these steps:
Step 1. Complete the Student Job Posting Approval Form.
Step 2. Email the completed template to for approval.
Step 3. When approval/confirmation is received from HR proceed to posting your job on Orbis, the College’s student job board platform.  Click here for instructions on how to do this.
Step 4. You will receive resumes to the email inbox specified in the job posting.
Step 5. Screen resumes and create a shortlist of candidates to Interview.
Step 6. Select successful candidate(s).
Step 7. Produce the appointment letter (see below for templates), provide new hire paperwork and ensure they have completed their mandatory health and safety training.

Posting a NEW Student position. Follow these steps:
Step 1. Complete the “Request Form – For New Student Established Job Description” and email to Mackenzie White. It is very important that when you are developing your job description that you show which duties you are ‘borrowing’ from existing student job descriptions and indicate from which student job description they were taken. The form will guide you through providing those details. Please also be sure to indicate the reason for your request. The approval process can take up to 2 weeks, depending on the complexity and whether it requires union approval.
Step 2. Once approval is received, proceed from Step 3 above.

Student Hire Letter Templates:
Full-time Summer Student (App G):  Complete the App G Appointment Letter Request Form and submit to

Up to 15 hours; All students will be using digital time sheets as of September 1/18: Part Time Appointment Letter Template (Updated September 2019)

– The CAAT Pension Plan enrollment form must accompany each student letter.
– All other required new hire forms can be downloaded from the Payroll tab




Mandatory Health & Safety Training:
My Campus > More Applications > Learning and Development

Students are required to complete the following:

    • Accessibility
    • Health & Safety
    • Workplace H&D and VPP Training
    • Sexual Assault & Violence

If the student has already completed the above safety videos they do not need to do them again. They can verify completion by checking: My Campus > More Applications > Learning and Development > Training Summary

  • Mandatory WHMIS Training: Email to request your student be registered.This training is administered by YOW Canada and once registered the student will receive the training information via email
  • New Hire Paperwork can be downloaded from the Payroll tab and should include the following:
    – Payroll Schedule
    – Timesheet (if applicable)
    – Employee Personal Data Form
    – TD1 and TDION Tax Forms

Funding (Wage Subsidy Programs):
Refer to Section 6 (page 5 ) of the Managers Guide to Student Hiring for detailed information about each the funding programs available. 

1) Summer Employment Program (SEP)

2) Fleming Work Study Program (FWSP)

3) International Student Employment Program (ISEP)

  • Applicable Forms:
    ISEP Contract Template for Service Canada
    For International students that do not have a Social Insurance Number (SIN), they can complete this form and take to Service Canada to obtain one.


For general inquiries  contact Mackenzie White:

For ISEP contact Tracey McConnery:

For all other funding contact Lori Russell: