Non-Bargaining Unit (Administrative) Classification

The College evaluates administrative staff positions using the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT) Job Evaluation System.

Job evaluation is a method of systematically determining the level of a position within an organization according to the relative importance so that monetary values can be assigned. The evaluation process is structured so that it applies the principals of gender neutrality and equability. Job evaluation is not a measure of an employee’s character or job performance. The focus of job evaluation is on the position, not on the incumbent in that position.

A committee comprised of Human Resources leaders and other members of college administration meets monthly to review and evaluate new or revised job fact sheets.

Process for Job Evaluation:

  1. Managers should work with their HR Consultant when writing or revising a Job Fact Sheet (JFS)
  2. The HR Consultant will submit the JFS to the committee for evaluation
  3. The manager, with a copy to the HR Consultant, will be advised of the outcome of the classification review

Classification Documents

Evaluation Factors and Weighting are as follows:

Evaluation Factors Weighing
Complexity – Judgement Level and type of decision-making 15%
Education Minimum level as determined by the college 15%
Experience Amount of related, progressive work experience required by the College 12.5%
Initiative – Independence of Action Measures the responsibility and degree of freedom to initiate/direct 11%
Potential Impact of Decisions Measures the probable consequences for the college because of an individual’s decisions 10%
Contacts & Working Relationships Measures the types, importance and intended outcomes of the contacts and working relationships required 12.5%
Supervision – Character of Supervision  Measures the degree & type of supervisory responsibility. 10%
Supervision – Span of Control Total number of direct reports 6%
Physical/Sensory Demands Considers the degree and severity of exertion associated with the position 4%
Working Conditions Measures the frequency and type of exposure to undesirable, disagreeable environmental conditions or hazards under which the work is performed 4%
 TOTAL  100%