College Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures that have been approved by Fleming’s Board of Governors are available from the link below. Policies are organized by area of responsibility. The Policy Template and Critical Path can be found at the bottom of this page under “Other Documents”.

Board of Governors

1-101 Policy Development By-Law

Board Procedures
BP-001 Delegations to the Board of Governors
BP-002 Expenses Regarding Governor Travel
BP-003 Internal Election of Board Members
BP-004 Election Process-Board Executive
BP-005 Conflict of Interest
BP-006 College Services for Governors
BP-007 College Liability Insurance
BP-008 External Governor Appointment & Re-appointment Process
BP-009 Consent Agenda
BP-010 Governor Advocacy
BP-011 Governor Participation at Conferences & Workshops
BP-012 Governor Attendance – Board & Committee Meetings
BP-013 President’s Performance Evaluation
BP-014 Presidential Continuity & Succession

1-105  College and Community Recognition and Awards
1-106  Naming of College Features and Resources
1-107  College Archives
1-108 Enterprise Risk Management 
– 1-108 Procedure  – In development
1-109 Free Speech Policy 

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Academic Affairs
2-201A Academic Integrity
2-201A ProcedureUpdated
2-201A Academic Integrity Violation Form
2-201B Registration and Withdrawal
2-201B Procedure
2-201C Grading and Academic Standing
2-201D Grading Administration
2-201E Academic Standing Procedure
2-201F Use of Text Matching Software Procedure
2-202 Program Advisory Committees
2-203 Award of Honorary Diplomas
2-204 Class Cancellation/Faculty Absenteeism
2-205 Class Absence Operating Procedure
2-209 Staff Tuition Fees
2-210 Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition
2-211 Curricular and Instructional Innovation
2-212 General Education
2-213 Program Quality Assurance
2-213A Program Suspension & Cancellation Procedure
2-213B Curriculum Change & Implementation Procedure
2-214 Integrity in Research and Scholarship
2-215 Intellectual Property & Copyright
2-216 Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans
2-218 Learning Management System Usage
2-219 Academic Appeal
2-219 Procedure
2-219 Academic Appeal Forms – WORD Fillable
2-220 Quality Assurance
2-221 Recognition of Academic Excellence
2-221 Procedure

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Human Resources

3-305 Early Retirement Incentive
3-310 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Bill 34)
3-311 Harassment and Discrimination Prevention
3-311 Procedure
3-332 Faculty Evaluation
3-333 Required Credentials for Applied Degrees
3-334 Validation of Academic Credentials
3-335 Faculty Professional Development
3-341 Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities
3-341 Procedure
3-342 Return to Work & Medical Accommodation
3-343 Sexual Violence Prevention
3-343 Procedure

Finance and Facilities

4-402 Community Use of College Facilities
4-403 Computer Software Copyright
4-404 Employee Conflict of Interest
4-407 Firearms
4-408 Institutional Gifts
4-409 Merchandising
4-410 Non-Monetary Remuneration
4-411 Purchasing
4-411 Procedure
4-412 Safety
4-413 Smoking and Tobacco Use
4-413 Procedure
4-414 Travel and Other Expenses
4-414 Procedure
4-415 Unsolicited Financial Gift
4-416 Receipting Cash & Gifts In Kind as Charitable Donations
4-417 Signing Authority
4-417 Procedure Updated
4-418 Environmental Policy
4-419A Comprehensive Investment Policy Statement
4-419D Ministry Endowed Investment Policy Statement
4-420 Violence Prevention
4-420 Procedure
4-421 Endowment Policy
4-422 Liquidation of Donated Publicly Traded Securities
4-423 Campus Security
4-423 Procedure
4-424 Operating Account Investment Policy Statement
4-425 Alcohol Management
4-426 Parking & Traffic
4-426 Procedure
4-427 Integrated Planning
4-428 Whistleblower
– 4-428 Procedure
4-429 Cannabis Possession and Use
4-429 Procedure

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Student Services/Registrar

3-343 Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence
3-343 Procedure 
5-501 Admission
5-501A Applicant Eligibility Determination Process
5-501B Oversubscribed Program Selection Process
5-501C Appeal of Admissions Decision Process
5-502 Issuance of Diplomas and Certificates
5-503 Maintenance of and Access to Student Records
5-504 Recognition of Academic Excellence
5-505 Review of an Admissions Decision
5-506 Student Rights & Responsibilities
5-506 Procedure
7-701 Access and Accommodation for Students with Disabilities
7-701 Procedure

Information Technology Services

6-601 Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Appropriate Use Policy
6-601 Procedure  (AUP and accessing another user’s data)
6-601A Procedure (Remote Access)
6-602 ITS User Account Management
– 6-602 Procedure
6-603 College Data Record Retention and Disposition

Advancement and Alumni Relations

8-801 Gift Acceptance

Other Documents

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