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Fleming College supports the continuous development of its employees and encourages full participation in professional development activities. Individual PD plans are collaboratively determined and agreed to by the supervisor and staff member. Click here for Professional Development Plan information and forms.

Our Core Promise

Learn – Develop your knowledge, skills and capacity to innovate.

Belong– contribute to a strong team through connection and collaboration.

Become – Grow as a person while achieving your goals.

Living our core promise at the College requires strong leadership, establishing the vision for the future and the strategy for getting there. Leaders model the way, motivating and inspiring others to head in right direction. It also involves a dual commitment from support staff at the College, to stay current with technology and administrative systems, and to continuously learn how to best support students and faculty in the delivery of our Core Promise.

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1. Professional Development at Fleming a listing of all Fleming Development opportunities
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Sir Sandford Fleming College is committed to building an inclusive and accessible learning and working environment, and will make appropriate accommodations available to individuals with disabilities who wish to participate in professional learning and development activities at the College. 

2. Eastern Regional Committee Offerings

3. Ontario Learn

4. Learning Design and Support Team

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