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The Resources available to you through LifeWorks:

Get started online The site provides an overview of services that may be available to employees.  Online access is available to support employees and their dependents through a variety of life experiences, including counselling solutions, parenting questions, healthy living, legal and financial concerns.  The online service is tailored to connect those with the assistance required.
Chat Now Users can book a future appointment or connect instantly with a Counsellor and will experience immediate support for work, health, and life issues.  Secure and confidential, this chat will provide real time online conversation with a Counsellor when employees and/or their dependents need it most.
Email a counsellor E-Counselling is a professional counselling service delivered via a private conference portal.  E-Counselling is a series of written exchanges with a professional counsellor and does not depend on quickness of thought or speed of typing.  Employees will work with their E-Counsellor at their own pace.  E-Counsellors will respond to each message within two business days.


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