Employee/Supplier Determination

The information on this page is provided to guide Managers in determining whether the provider of a temporary service to the College should be treated as an employee of the College, or a supplier of the service (self-employed worker) and how to process payment for these services.Ā Refer to the Employee Supplier Determination OverviewĀ for more details.

Prior to entering into any type of contract or working relationship, Managers must complete an Employee-Supplier Determination QuestionnaireĀ and submit it to their Human Resources Consultant. Completed Employee/Supplier Determinations remain in effect for 5 years and are kept centrally in Human Resources (for similar work).

If a manager isnā€™t sure if an Employee/Supplier Determination is already on file in HR, they should contact Human ResourcesĀ for confirmation.

Employee Determination – If the questionnaire determines an employer/employee relationship, the employee must be paid through Payroll. Honourariums paid to employees for services unrelated to their regular position are processed through payroll on a time sheet.

Supplier Determination – There are different ways of handling payment to suppliers depending on various situations/factors. See Flowchart.

As per the Purchasing Policy, all services valued at $5,000 or more must be processed through the Purchasing on-line requisitioning system. Consulting services of any value must be handled through Purchasing. Information regardingĀ consulting services & theĀ policy are available on the Purchasing web site.

Services under $5,000 are processed through Accounts Payable using various methods, depending on the service provided.

  • If the supplier is a registered business with a GST or HST number, the manager can submit an invoice containing two approving signatures directly to Accounts Payable, or, if applicable, pay by College VISA.
  • If the supplier is a guest speaker or is being paid an honourarium for their service, is not a Fleming employee and is not a registered business, a Request For Payment FormĀ can be used. Honourarium amounts are determined by managers and typically take into consideration costs such as travel/distance incurred by the supplier (usually total less than $500).

Important Information Regarding Insurance

If employment status is Supplier and the College can be at risk based on the actions of the supplier, the supplier must carry and provide proof of adequate insurance and WSIB coverage as per Flemingā€™s requirements for vendors/suppliers. Details regarding insurance liability are available by contacting the College Insurance Administrator.

Detailed information from the Canada Revenue Agency regarding determination of a worker’s employment status is available on the CRA Website.