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Academic Collective Agreement Introduced Terms and Conditions (December 13, 2021)


Compensation is one of the main elements of Total Rewards at Fleming College. Fleming offers competitive pay, generous vacations, overtime and pay for time not worked.  Salaries for full-time and partial load faculty is in accordance with the collective agreement. Overtime and pay for time not worked also follows the collective agreement.

Step Progression

Seniority Lists:

** Website version of the Seniority/Probationary/Partial Load Service Credits lists are considered to be the official list as they may reflect changes that occurred after the list went to print or were posted.

Standard Workload Form (SWF)

Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources is a repository of information to assist faculty (whether new or more seasoned).

Partial Load Employees

As you may be aware, the new Academic Employees’ Collective Agreement contains revised seniority language for partial load faculty (see Article 26.10 – 26.10 E).  According to this new language, if you are interested in being considered for a partial load contract in a given calendar year, you must register your interest with the College prior to April 30 on the preceding year.

Instructions for registering for the Partial Load Consideration report

Once you have registered, you have the ability to withdraw your registration by returning to the same page.  Please complete your registration and/or withdrawal prior to April 30.

Important Notes:

  1. The registry will close at 11:59pm on April 30th.  You will not be eligible to register for the following year after April 30.
  2. Registering for a partial load contract does not guarantee that you will receive a partial load contract.  Registering shows you are interested in receiving a partial load contract.  If the College decides to offer partial load contracts, you must also meet at least one of the qualifying criteria in Article 26.10 E to be considered for a partial load contract.

If you have any difficulty with the registration process or with accessing the Partial Load Registry page in Evolve, please contact Michelle Bozec at

Contract Faculty

Contract Faculty Workload Assignment Principles
Contract Faculty Workload Assignment Process Chart
Contract Faculty Q&A

If you have questions about development for faculty, please contact the Learning Design & Support Team by email, at extension 1216, or check out the LDS website.

 Contract Faculty Terms and Conditions of Employment

Faculty Evaluations (link to Performance Management for Academic Employees)

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Work/Life Balance Strategies

Modified Workload Agreements


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Academic Newsletters (current & previous editions)

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