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Optional Critical Illness Insurance

Sun Life

The Sun Life Website can be accessed at any time to:

  • view plan information
  • print personalized claim forms
  • access claim information
  • print drug card
  • request direct deposit of claim reimbursements
  • print travel card for emergency out of country medical

Site access is obtained by contacting Sun Life directly at 1-800-361-6212.  Contract and Member Identification numbers must be provided in order for Sun Life to process an Access Identification Number.  Information on Contract and Member Identification numbers is available below.

Group Policy/Contract Number Member ID/Certificate Number*
Administrative 050833 3 + 0s + Employee ID
Academic 050832 3 + 0s + Employee ID
Support 050834 3 + 0s + Employee ID
Retiree 022182 3 + 0s + Employee ID

* The number of “0s” required to form your Member ID/Certificate Number will be as many as are required to form an 11-digit number.  Example: an employee whose Employee ID is 1234 Membership ID/Certificate Number would be 30000001234.

Making Benefit Claims

Expenses that have not been covered using a drug card (full-time employees) can be processed using an Extended Health Claim Form.

Dental claims can be processed using a Dental Claim Form. Personalized claim forms and information on claims is available on the Sun Life website (see above).

Coordinating Benefits with a Spouse  – For families where both spouses have a family benefits package, benefits may be claimed under both plans to maximize the benefit.

Example: if one spouse ‘s plan covers 80% of a medical expense claim, some or all of the remaining 20% may be claimed under the other spouse’s plan.


  • Individuals must submit their personal expenses to their own plan first (a spouse would submit to their own plan, then claim the balance on the second plan).
  • When submitting a claim to a second plan, include a copy of the first plan’s benefit statement along with copies of any receipts and a claim form for the second plan.
  • Expenses for children must be first submitted to the plan of the parent with the earlier month and day of birth in the calendar year.

Benefit claims can be submitted on-line by setting up an account on the Sun Life website.  Click here for details regarding Submitting Online Claims.

Beneficiary Designation:

To set up a beneficiary for your life insurance(s), please visit Sun Life’s E-designation Beneficiary Flyer or contact the Benefits Administrator.

Sun Life Contact Information

Phone: 1-800-361-6212

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