Foundational Elements

Ideally, participants will complete the following modules prior to beginning the modules of their chosen “stream”.

Foundational Element Modules: (all modules must be completed)

1. StrengthsFinder 2.0
This is an on-line self-assessment tool. Refer to the book that all FT Support received for log-in information. If you did not receive a book, please contact

2. Communication – Leadership Development
Gain skills in business communications. Explore today’s modern technology tools and communication mechanisms in deciding the right vehicle to deliver the message. Gain the time management and formal and informal communication skills to manage various communication channels. Explore communication styles, mechanisms and presentation skills, facilitating meetings, social marketing and ways to improve all communications.

3. Ethical Issue in Business
Study Ethics and the case study method. Cases will be drawn from real business situations. Using a combination of research papers and case studies, we will discuss the cases, papers and solutions in class. Reports and presentations of various cases will be used as course evaluation tools.

4. Introduction to LEAN Concepts (Whitebelt)
In this dynamic workshop series, you will be introduced to the principles of LEAN methodologies and key LEAN tools.  You will also be introduced to an overview of Integrated Program Planning.   The course will feature the Fleming College LEAN project framework and a LEAN simulation exercise.    Case studies of prior LEAN projects at Fleming will also be highlighted and discussed.  This course is classroom based and is delivered in two workshops:  a half-day workshop followed by a full-day workshop the following week.   This training session is facilitated by Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, Trish O’Connor.  All participants who complete this workshop series with Trish will also receive a Fleming College Whitebelt LEAN Certificate.

5. Creative & Critical Thinking
Today more than ever, leaders at all levels of the organization need to be creative and critical thinkers in order to deal with all aspects of organizational, strategic and societal situations or environments.   You will learn how about creative and critical thinking, analysis skills, problem-solving, decision-making, logics and reflection.   Skills and knowledge gained in this course can be applied to roles within the organization as well as to professional and personal situations.