Professional Development Certificate Program

This employee learning and development program was initially launched in 2013 as a collaboration project with OPSEU Local 351.Ā Ā  It was designed to encourage and support personal and professional growth of full-time support staff members and to be aligned with the Collegeā€™s vision of being an organization where innovation and achievement are powered by people.

NOTE:Ā Ā  This program is currently under review for the purpose of enhancing alignment with the Collegeā€™s new strategic plan 2019-2024.Ā Ā  Full-time support staff members who are currently enrolled in the program may continue with their studies while the program is undergoing review.Ā Ā Ā Ā  During the review process, a representative from the Employee Success & Organizational Development team will be reaching out to current program participants to verify your progress in the program so that we may ensure our records are updated.


The program costs related to reasonable learning expenses will be reimbursed to the participants via the corporate Professional Development area.Ā Ā Ā  Participants must complete a Reimbursement Request Form and submit to along with proof of course payment, proof of successful course completion and proof of payment for related learning resources (e.g. textbook).

The Certificate Program will be comprised of foundational courses (all participants must take these) and specialty courses which are organized into specific ā€˜streamsā€™ of study (the participant chooses which stream to pursue after completing the foundational courses).

Why Take This Program? The College is committed to encouraging and supporting professional development and career growth of OPSEU 351 members. We are operating in a time of unprecedented change and opportunities for organizational transformation. This means job opportunities within the organization for either new positions, replacement positions, or project-related temporary assignments. The College and OPSEU 351 want to help you give yourself the best chance to compete for those exciting opportunities within our organization as we grow together.

What is the Process? Click here for the Flowchart.

Registration Process:

Program Courses:

Foundational Elements
(all modules must be completed. Click above for more information)

1. StrengthsFinder 2.0 Assessment
2. Communication
3. Ethical Issues in Business
4. Introduction to LEAN Concepts (Whitebelt)
5.Ā Creative & Critical Thinking


Ā Specialty Elements
Choose one stream/option from below. Click onĀ Option Heading for more details

Option #1:

(all modules must be completed)

1. Leading Teams
2. Change Management
3. Performance Management
4. Intro to Finance for Non-Financials (optional)

Option #2:

Data Management
(all modules must be completed)

1. Management Information Systems
2. Microsoft Excel – Expert*
3. Microsoft Access – Expert*
4. Introduction to Business Analysis
*Prerequisite – participants must have already mastered beginner/intermediate level skills.

Option #3:

Positive Service Culture
(all modules must be completed)

1. Creating a Corporate Service Culture
2. Customer Service & Ethics

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Flexible Learning Options:

The program mix is intended to offer as much learning flexibility as possible with the learning delivered through a variety of means including credit courses, vocational courses, workshops, webinars, and self-study. Participants should be able to complete the program in 24-36 months, dependent upon how much time the participant is able to dedicate to their studies and the availability of the specific program offerings.


It is recommended that participants complete all of the foundational courses before registering into their selected specialty courses. Exceptions to this as the recommended study approach could exist where a specialty course has an identified prerequisite requirement and/or when a foundational course is currently not available for the participantā€™s desired study period.


The program costs related to reasonable learning expenses will be reimbursed to the participants, via the Support Staff Employment Stability Committee Fund, upon successful completion of each designated course with proof of payment. This includes costs for tuition/Embanet fees, textbooks, learning materials, etc. Expenses must be submitted using the Employee Expense Form.

Ā Course Work/Study Time:

The academic course work and study time associated with completing the Certificate shall be done on the participantā€™s personal time. The only exception is a request approved under Article 9.5 (Professional Development Days) in accordance with the Support Staff Collective Agreement and related College procedures.

Certificate of Completion:

Upon completion of the Professional Development Certificate program, participants will receive an official ā€˜certificate of completionā€™ in recognition of their efforts and investment in their professional development. The certificate will be suitable for framing and display, if desired.

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