General Arts and Sciences

Listed below are a variety of general job posting websites, please note that you should also be  targeting specific company and community specific pages for your chosen geographical region.

Figuring out your path can be a challenge, try out some of these resources to start your career journey:


Can you identify your personality type and how it relates to having a job you love? Career Services is now offering FREE Typefocus assessments to students. By completing the assessment and understanding the reports you will be in a much better position to understand yourself and reach successful career decisions. You will be able to receive personalized information to assist you in your career development in just three easy steps.

  1. Complete the 30 minute Typefocus assessment to become more self-aware by discovering the uniqueness of your personality and interests.
  2. Review your results in personalized reports sent directly to you by email.
  3. If needed, book an appointment with a Career Educator to discuss the results.

 Educational Pathways

Did you know that Fleming has a department solely dedicated to helping you make the next steps in your education? Connect with them and find out where your diploma or certificate can take you to next.