Classroom Management

Faculty and students in class

Faculty and students in class

Faculty should review course expectations regarding late or missed submissions and/or tests, absenteeism, required PPE and student behaviour with students during the first class.

Team work between college faculty and secondary school teachers and early intervention are extremely important in order for students to be successful.

Issues That May Arise

  • Absences:  student attendance is closely related to student success. If a student has missed three or more classes, please advise the secondary school teacher immediately for follow up with the student
  • If a student is attending class but does not show up on the class list, the secondary school teacher needs to confirm that the student is part of the dual credit course and then follow the registration procedure
  • Secondary school students must be supervised at all times.  Should a student be removed from class because of his/her behaviour, the secondary school teacher must be notified and arrangements made to provide for this supervision
  • If a student has a learning disability, both the school and the college support services can help the student succeed by putting appropriate supports in place prior to the start of the course

Generally, faculty and secondary school teachers are able to work together to manage classrooms effectively.  Should this not be the case, contact Jon Taylor, Dual Credit Operations Coordinator, immediately for assistance.


Fleming College faculty and staff are not permitted to discuss any issues regarding students with anyone, including parents, without written student authorization.  Contact with parents and guardians should always be through the secondary school teacher.