Course Outlines

All Dual Credit courses require current Course Outlines that are approved by the Academic Chair. In practice, most DC Course Outlines do not differ significantly from Post-secondary delivery other than having a different Reading Week, slightly different meeting times, etc.

  • DC course outlines must be designated using the Session Code ‘DC’
  • The DC course outline will be created by rolling over the post-secondary Semester course outline
  • Similar to post-secondary courses, one DC course outline will apply to all DC sections of that course
  • DC course delivery should be reflected in the DC course outline (eg. remove reading week, add March Break, etc. and adjust delivery pattern to reflect DC schedule)
  • Any changes to Assessment and/or Curriculum must be done in consultation with Program Co-ordinator/Course Lead

For assistance with Course Outlines, please see the following resources:


How To Guides: