Meeting with the Secondary School Teacher

All dual credit faculty are required to meet with the secondary school teacher prior to the beginning of the course to review the course learning outcomes/expectations and discuss Health & Safety.  College faculty will be paid for 2 hours at the standard meeting rate for these sessions. Forward completed Timesheets to Jon Taylor ext. 1178. Mileage expense forms are to be submitted through “My Self Service” on Evolve Administrative Service.

Faculty meeting at Sutherland campus

Faculty meeting at Sutherland campus

A copy of your Health-Safety-Overview must be returned to your Chair and Jon Taylor, Dual Credit Operations Coordinator by the end of Week 2 for all dual credit classes.

Recently, the Ministry of Labour has stressed the importance of mandatory Health & Safety training for all employees in Ontario.  The site specific training required MUST be delivered by either faculty or secondary school teachers through a discussion of the particular hazards and protocols for the classroom or lab in which the course will be delivered.  Faculty will deliver this training to secondary school teachers when dual credit classes will take place on campus and secondary school teachers will deliver the training when dual credit classes take place at the secondary school.

Other Topics to Address with the Secondary School Teacher

  • School schedule and calendar
  • Computer requirements
  • AV requirements
  • Access to internet and internal systems
  • Storage for material, tools, PPE & text books
  • Parking
  • Other program-specific requirements

Regular communication between the secondary school teacher and Fleming College faculty is critical for student success.  

For team-taught courses, please download the Curriculum Alignment Template to assist you in your planning.

The overall outcomes and expectations of the dual credit course are the same as if it was being delivered to post-secondary students; however, some modifications to learning activities that meet the same course outcomes are possible, with approval of your school chair.

Please review the attendance policy of the course along with the assessment plan/grading policies and the passing mark with the secondary school teacher. Ensure that you communicate throughout the course and check-in regularly with your counterpart to ensure mutual understanding of expectations.

College Academic Regulations are to be followed in all dual credit courses.

Following the course outline and working with the secondary school teacher, faculty will:

  • Provide a week-by-week sequence of instruction that clearly indicates how the expectations and outcomes for each course will be delivered, assessed and evaluated
  • Ensure that secondary school teachers and students understand when they are being assessed or evaluated and how the assessment or evaluation is being applied to both the college course content and the secondary school course content

It is important to communicate with the secondary school teacher throughout the semester to co-ordinate instruction and discuss student progress.

Types of delivery

College-Delivered Dual Credits

  • It is best practice to keep the secondary school teacher well informed through a Course Outline to allow him/her to better provide support and assistance to students as required
  • Faculty may provide the secondary school teacher with marks for assignments/tests in a Excel spreadsheet so long as ALL students share the same secondary school teacher

Team-Taught Dual Credits

  • Outcomes and assessment are determined collaboratively by faculty and secondary school teacher
  • Faculty and the secondary school teacher need to review the course being delivered and identify the overlap between the expectations and outcomes in each course
  • Working together, faculty and the secondary school teacher will create a Course Outline that identifies who will deliver what content and determine how students will be assessed and evaluated on each component
  • Students who withdraw from a team-taught dual credit must also withdraw from the secondary school course as well

In team-taught courses, both the College Academic Regulations and the School Board Policy (Assessment Evaluation and Reporting Procedure) are to be followed with respect to the portions of the course delivered by each instructor (e.g. academic integrity/plagiarism).