Upon Completion of the Course

Students must be registered through the earndualcredits website in order to appear on the grade roster in Evolve and on D2L.

The D2L homepage can be assessed through the portal.

Student’s grades must be keyed into D2L throughout the semester in order to allow students to track their progress throughout the course.  When the course is finished you must enter each student’s final grade into Evolve.

If you have any questions regarding the D2L grading process please contact Alana Callan


Fleming College faculty must use Evolve to record “FINAL” grades. Faculty must enter students’ grades into evolve within five (5) days of the completion of the course.

Learn how:

Download: Enter Grades in Evolve.pdf

These marks are captured by Fleming Registrar’s office and a copy of the grade reports/transcript is sent to the secondary school to be entered on the students’ report card.  In team-taught courses, as part of the agreed upon assessment plan, these marks will be used in the determination of the students’ related secondary school course assessment.  If a student is in jeopardy of failing, please notify the secondary school teacher immediately.

REMEMBER:  Secondary School Dual Credit Teachers do not have access to the Evolve Gradebook, so please provide him/her with a list of students and marks in an Excel or Word format, regularly as the semester proceeds.

Please note that there has been a change in the policy related to providing schools with Dual Credit student records.  The deadline for the college to provide this information to the schools is now 10 days after the completion of the DC course.  In order to meet this deadline, it is more important than ever that grades are submitted in evolve within 5 days of the completion of the course.

All final grades must be entered into the grade roster within five days of completing your course.

IMPORTANT:  If you have questions about the grading process please refer to Fleming College Academic Regulations, Section 2.2 – Grading System.  Any changes to student marks should be directed to the Registrar’s Office.  e.g. If for any reason a dual credit student missed a final test, and a final grade will not be available by the date marks have to be entered, please assign the student’s grades according to methods described in the Fleming College Academic Regulations, Section 2.2 – Grading System.


Contact Jon Taylor, Dual Credit Operations Coordinator to arrange to have any remaining tools, materials and/or textbooks collected and stored, for use in subsequent classes, at least two (2) weeks prior to the end our your course.

Please submit any final expenses and debrief to provide feedback about any outstanding issues with appropriate Fleming College staff.