School Within a College inspires Shelby Baldino to strive for success

Shelby Baldino, KPR School within a College student (SWAC)

Shelby Baldino never imagined herself graduating from high school, serving as Valedictorian for her class or attending college, but thanks to School Within a College, Shelby achieved more than she thought possible for herself.

“I never in a million years thought I’d graduate high school, let alone be Valedictorian. It was a great experience,” said Shelby. “When I got the message, I cried. In high school, I was put down a lot by my teachers and peers because they didn’t think I was making an effort, but I had depression and that’s what was stopping me.”

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Specialist High Skills Major Day

Specialist High Skills Major Day

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) students from Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board enjoyed an Activity Day at Fleming College’s Sutherland Campus, Frost Campus, and Haliburton School of Art + Design. Here is a glimpse of the Cook/Line Cook session and Event Coordination session with Fleming College Culinary.

Formula for Success

Formula for Success

Grade eleven student Hannah Fricker

Grade eleven student Hannah Fricker declares she is an A student. Her path changed when she joined the PVNC Centre for Success program at Fleming College, which partners with Holy Cross and St Peter Catholic secondary schools in Peterborough and St. Thomas Aquinas CSS in Lindsay…

Earning college-level credits in high school


St. Peter’s Dual Credit student shows her work.

Tucked away on the first floor of St. Peter Catholic Secondary School, 20 Grade 12 students are in a hair styling/cosmetology lab practicing nail art on a Wednesday morning.

Within their cosmetology course, taught by St. Peter’s Andrena Finn, the class (all female students) is taking a dual credit course on manicures, led by Julie Bertrand, a faculty member with the Esthetician program at Fleming College…

 Women in Trades Day

Prince of Wales students on top of the Kube

Prince of Wales students on top of the Kube

Fleming College’s Kawartha Trades and Technology Centre is hosted grade 7 and 8 girls from

Prince of Wales for Women in Trades Day on Tuesday December 16.

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SCWI Newsletter

Curve Lake ENVR36

Curve Lake ENVR36

Spring 2014 Newsletter

The second edition of our Fall Newsletter reflects the ongoing success of the dual credit program in all corners of the province. In addition to program, forum and activity initiatives, this issue once again highlights the individual success stories that put the human face on this vital and important work.

Check out stories about our summer school class at Curve Lake and ELRPT’s amazing student success rate in 2013-14.

St. Peter CSS Dual Credit Manicure students reach out to seniors

Thanks to Fleming College for a great partnership!

St Peter Catholic Secondary School Dual Credit cosmetology students under the direction of teacher Andrena Finn reach out to our seniors to provide welcomed nail care.

Thank you Fleming College for sharing their expertise with our students.

Programs that aim to close the skills gap for grads

Ms. Baleja says the experience helped her prepare for the real world. “The course gave me a taste of what college is like − the workload and required independence,” she says, days before starting classes this September. “Now I’m more excited than nervous.”

Ms. Baleja is part of an innovative dual-credit program that allows high school students to begin trades training or take arts and science classes from postsecondary institutions. The program is but one example of moves in B.C. and Ontario to make the transition into life after high school easier on students…

The Globe & Mail, October 2, 2014

Precision Cuts at St. Peter

St Peter Culinary students with Chef Renato

St Peter Culinary students with Chef Renato

The Culinary Dual Credit with teacher Catherine Rose is in full tilt at St. Peter Catholic Secondary School. Students have all completed their Food Safety Training and have begun exciting and challenging precision knife work. Root vegetable work with our Fleming Chef, Renato, was on last week’s lesson plan. The students are excited about their College instructor, Chef Renato. As quoted by a student in the class “He is enthusiastic , youthful, and highly knowledgeable in nutrition. We are excited to learn more about some of the food traditions from Chef Renato’s birth country, Peru!”, September 30, 2014

Students from St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School complete their CPR First Aid Training.

St Thomas Aquinas SWAC

St Thomas Aquinas SWAC students

Students who are in the Centre for Success Program at Fleming College are half way through their dual credit program with their College Instructor Jarod Chinnick. The boys are in a Trip Plannning College course at Frost Campus in Lindsay Ontario.

These students have spent the past three days with their high school instructor, Mr Matt Bowen and a qualified First Aid Instructor and have earned their Level C, CPR and First Aid Training. This certification will serve them well as they embark on a three day hiking trip at Silent Lake Provincial Park in early October with Jarod and Matt. Congratulations students., September 24, 2014