Mileage & Other Expenses

Expense statements should be used to claim reimbursement for mileage, cost of criminal reference checks, and small instructional supply purchases. The finance department will only accept the original receipts and must receive the itemized receipt, not a visa slip. Expense statements should be submitted monthly and final expense claims submitted within 2 weeks of the end date of your course.

  • Fleming College’s fiscal year end is March 31. All Expense up to and including March 31 must be submitted by April 3rd.  Expense claims submitted after April 3rd for expenses that were incurred prior to March 31 will NOT be reimbursed.


Example of Expense Statement 2018

Fleming College faculty who travel to locations other than the college will be reimbursed for travel associated with the course.  Expenses will be paid from your “home campus” to the secondary school and back.  If you live closer to the secondary school, you will claim travel expenses from your home to the secondary school, whichever distance is shorter. Please use the Expense Report to claim intercampus travel and travel to the secondary school.  Completed expense forms should be submitted to Jon Taylor, if you have any questions about completing your expenses contact Jon Taylor.

Reimbursement and Rates

  • Rates are based on kilometres accumulated from April 1 of each year (fiscal year).
  • Rates are established in collective agreements, for individuals outside a collective agreement the rates in this Directive apply.
  • Individuals are to use the actual kilometres travelled when calculating kilometre distances and clearly document the starting point, destination and purpose of the trip.
Total Kilometres Driven per fiscal year Southern Ontario ($ per KM) Northern Ontario ($ per KM)
0 – 4,000 km 0.40 0.41
4,001 – 10,700 km 0.35 0.36
10,701 – 24,000 km 0.29 0.30
More than 24,000 km 0.24 0.25


All pre-approved purchases for courses materials and mileage can be claimed on the same expense statement. Finance will only process if original receipts are attached to your signed expense statement. If you need to make instructional supply purchases for your course please contact Jon Taylor before making the purchase. Jon will coordinator getting the proper approval.  The finance department will not accept photocopies of receipts.

Submit expense forms on a monthly basis to Jon Taylor.  Electronic copies are acceptable for travel but must include a scanned signature.  If you have questions about claiming expenses, contact Jon.