Role of the Secondary School Teacher

The Dual Credit Secondary School teacher is an integral part of all Dual Credit courses.  As an experienced educator s/he may bring a wealth of knowledge about the students participating in the Dual Credit course.

Dual Credit Welding students

Dual Credit Welding students

The role of the Secondary School teacher is clearly defined in the Ministry of Education Policy Document (page 11-13).

Practically speaking, the Secondary School teacher will be available to support student learning within the program.

In order to support student success, Secondary School teachers are provided access to DC D2L course pages.  Teachers can use this access to support student success by providing early interventions and resources to students throughout the course in partnership with college faculty (faculty).  The requested access will allow DC teachers to view both content and student progress as each assessment is completed.

DC courses are, of course, college courses and faculty are responsible for the delivery and assessment of all college content.  The access requested for DC teachers, in no way diminishes these facts.  Instead, it provides easier access to valuable support resources, skills and expertise for both faculty and students.

Communication between Dual Credit faculty and Secondary School teacher is essential to ensure the success of the students and, ultimately, the program.