Student Withdrawal Process

The secondary school dual credit teacher is responsible for discussing the option of withdrawing from a Dual Credit course with a student who is at-risk of being unsuccessful in the course. 


Dual Credit Students are required to complete a Dual Credit Drop Form. Without an official withdrawal, a student will be considered as a registered student until the end of the course. The completed course drop form is a guarantee that a dual credit student will not receive a zero as a final mark. The zero will stay permanently on the student’s college record.

Please note: Students registered in team-taught dual credits may not be withdrawn from the college course unless they are also withdrawing from the secondary school course.

To withdraw from a course, it is a student’s responsibility to complete a “Dual Credit Drop Form” and return it by email including the completed withdrawal form including signatures to

Students can drop their Dual Credit with no academic record until the 10th  day of classes by completing the official “course drop form”,  (Team-Taught Dual Credits also require board approval as high school portion of class also needs to be dropped)

  • Students who officially withdraw from a course after 10th day of class but prior to the start of the final third of that course will receive a “W” (withdrew) designation on their Fleming College transcript.  This is just for our records and will not be a part of GPA if the student attends Fleming College in the future
  • Please note……. Students who officially withdraw from a course during the final third of the course will receive a WF (withdrew failing) In situations when extenuating circumstances such as illness caused the withdrawal and the student was passing at the time of the withdrawal, a WP (withdrew passing) designation will be recorded.
    • Withdrawals with extenuating circumstances  may be considered on an individual basis
  • Students that do NOT complete a withdrawal form and submit it to Fleming’s Registrar office will receive the grade earned on their Fleming College transcript and it will remain on their college transcript.