Working On-Campus

Full-time registered students may work on campus without a work permit if they meet the following requirements:

  • you are a full-time student;
  • you have a valid study permit.

You must stop working on-campus on the day you no longer meet the above eligibility requirements (e.g., if you are no longer a full-time student.) For more information please visit:

Please note : on-campus jobs are limited. Please visit the Career Services Website for current on campus job postings:

Please note: Immigration Regulations are Legislated by the Federal Government of Canada and are subject to Change at any time without notice. Students are responsible for ensuring that they are in compliance with all Refugees, Immigration and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) regulations at all times during their studies and while in Canada. Fleming College staff are not authorized to provide advice or guidance on immigration-related matters. Applicants and students should consult the IRCC website at or contact the IRCC Call Centre at 1-888-242-2100 to confirm or clarify immigration-related information and requirements.