Student Clubs

Joining a Club or Starting a new club are available at SAC and FSA

Giving your mind a break from the stress of studying and working on assignments is beneficial. While it may be hard for you to get involved on campus because of work and other commitments, if you do have the time in your schedule, joining or creating your own club maybe your answer. Here are 5 reasons why it’s a great idea!

Find New Friends – Joining clubs are a great way to meet new people. You’re automatically connected to students that have similar interests.

You Get to Network – Joining student organizations are a great place to meet people who could be working in your future profession. Whether it’s through a club or networking session, it’s always good to connect. These connections can potentially benefit students when the time comes to apply for internships or jobs.

You’ll Get to Work with Diverse Groups of People – When joining a club there’s no doubt that you’ll be working with various types of people. This is a great way to help you prepare for the real working world. Learning the various personality types and how different people handle certain situations is important. You will also learn the importance of teamwork.

It Looks Great on Your Resume – This is definitely true if the club you join relates to your future profession. If you’re a political science major, get involved with the Student Council or school elections. Although it’s not professional experience, every bit counts! Being a part of a club on top of having classes full-time shows that you have this quality.

You’ll have FUN! Although clubs add to your list of things to do for the day, it helps reduce stress because you are doing fun activities. It feels more of a treat to yourself for working so hard on all your assignments. Whether it’s learning new skills, meeting new people or simply having fun, getting involved on your campus will help make your college experience much more enjoyable.