Chat with an ISS staff

International students can book an appointment with one of our staff members about immigration, academic, health insurance or general questions and support.

Book your appointment

  1. Visit ISS Bookings
  2. Select the meeting based on the support you need
  3. Use your Fleming College email for all college-related communications
  4. Once you book your meeting, check your junk folder for the meeting confirmation
  5. Confirm your meeting to receive an e-mail with login details
  6. You will also receive a reminder email prior to the appointment

Before your appointment

  1. Be prepared. Write the points you would like to discuss
  2. Gather your study permit/co-op work permit or any other documentation you will need to refer to during the meeting
  3. Search for your student number. You will be required to provide it during the meeting
  4. Choose a quiet location
  5. Download Webex from this link
  6. Test your computer or laptop, make sure your camera and mic are working
  7. Plan to arrive 5 minutes earlier

If you cannot attend your appointment

  1. Write a message to the person informing you will not be able to attend it
  2. Book another appointment at your earliest convenience