Health Insurance


NOTICE: May 11, 2020

As an international student in Canada, you are responsible for all medical expenses incurred during your stay at Fleming College and in Canada. A short stay in the hospital can mean thousands of dollars in medical bills and ruin forever your dreams of continuing with your education in Canada.

All international students at Fleming College in Canada are required to purchase the comprehensive International Student Plan for full-time students. Students will be insured through Morcare Insurance. Students are not able to opt-out, even if they have alternative insurance.

For full-time students, health insurance fees are included in the tuition. Part-time students will have health insurance fees added to their account after day 10.

Visit: to download your health card and learn more about plan coverage.

For new international students enrolled in the summer 2020 term at Fleming College, which runs from May 19, 2020 to August 21, 2020, Fleming College is providing an opportunity for qualified students to request a credit/refund for the fees paid for the health insurance coverage included as part of the student’s tuition payment, if you are NOT residing in Canada during the summer 2020 term time period. Please contact for more information.

International Student Services manages the international student health insurance plan and can assist students with understanding their health insurance coverage, and accessing Health Services on campus and in the community. Students can also access professional, strictly confidential healthcare through Health Services at our campuses in Peterborough and Lindsay. A registered nurse is available weekdays and access to a part-time physician is available by appointment.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get my coverage cards?

  • Check your account for subject line “Health Insurance – Print Your Coverage Cards!”
  • Once you receive this email it means that your health insurance account is active;
  • If you haven’t received the email, it means that your account isn’t active yet – keep checked your email daily;

Why haven’t I gotten an email?
Reasons why you may not have received this email:

  • Your account hasn’t been activated yet and you will receive an email once it is;
  • You haven’t paid your tuition;
  • You are a Part-time Student and will receive notification after day 10;
  • You haven’t checked in at the Registrar’s Office;

When I try to access my coverage card I get an error message, what should I do?
Some of the reasons you may not be able to access your card:

  • You haven’t received an email indicating that your card is ready for printing;
  • Your Date of Birth is wrong on your Student File – send an email with your student number and date of birth to and we will check;
  • You are not selecting the correct college;
  • You are using a mobile device that isn’t compatible with the website;

I got an email saying I could opt out of health insurance, can I?
International Students CANNOT opt out of the Morcare: International Student Program.

What is included in the coverage?
Visit for information.

How do I print and submit a claim form?
Detailed instructions:

Who is the Insurance Provider?

  • Insurance Broker – Morcare;
    • Liaisons with the insurance providers and is your main contact for health insurance related questions;
  • OHIP Alternative and Out of Province – Special Market Solutions;
  • Extended Health Claims – Claim Secure;

Who is considered a dependent?

  • Children, spouse or common-law partner;

My Parents are visiting me; can I add them to my health insurance?

  • No, only dependents can be added under your policy for an additional fee. Parents, siblings and other family members are not considered dependent and will need to arrange their own health insurance coverage while in Canada.

I have other health insurance, can I get a refund for the insurance provided by Fleming College?
No, the health insurance provided to international students is mandatory.  Students are not able to opt-out even if they have alternative insurance provided by a different college/university.

Health Insurance Refunds are only issued students who withdraw from Fleming College as before day 10 in their first semester of studies in an academic year, the academic year runs from September 1st to August 31st:

  • Day 10 in September for students who are registered for the Fall Term;
  • Day 10 in January for students who are registered in Winter Term and weren’t registered in Fall Term;
  • Day 10 in May for students who are registered in Spring Term and were’t registered in Fall or Winter Term;

I withdrew from the college, can I still use my health insurance?

  • Students who withdraw before Day 10 in their first semester of study for that academic year are not able to access health insurance.
  • Students who withdraw after day 10, or in their second or third semester of the academic year will continue to have access to Health Insurance until the expiry date.