Student Refunds

Getting your Refund.

Maybe you’ve applied and received a bursary, or you’ve requested a refund for parking, or you’ve withdrawn from the college and are looking for your tuition refund.  Whatever the reason may be, your main questions are probably How and When will I get my money.

How will my money be returned to me? Approximately how long will it take?

How the funds came to Fleming How we will return the funds to you Timing
Cash, Interac or cheque Email Money Transfer* 4-6 weeks
Web Banking Email Money Transfer* 4-6 weeks
Credit Card Refund will be put back onto the credit card the payment was made with 4-6 weeks
OSAP Monies will be returned to OSAP 4-6 weeks
Bursary Email Money Transfer* 4-6 weeks
Sponsorship Cheque will be issued to Sponsor 4-6 weeks
International Wire Transfer Refund will go back via wire transfer 4-6 weeks
CIBC International Student Pay Refund will return by the method of payment used. 4-6 Weeks

*Email Money Transfers are a new process to Fleming.  In order to be eligible to receive money this way, students will be required to meet the following criteria:

  1. Valid Fleming Email Account
  2. Currently living in Canada and a
  3. Canadian Bank account

Should the email transfer be declined/cancelled then students will receive their funds by cheque.


Recently withdrawn?  Withdrawal refunds begin processing after the 10th day of classes.

Received OSAP?  We are required to return any money released back to NSLSC, if your OSAP released exceeds the amount paid on your account any additional credits will be used to make up what was released.

Sent by International wire? You will need to fill out a Wire Refund form. You cannot have it deposited in a Canadian account, there are no exceptions. Funds need to be returned to the country of origin. Account closed? Not a problem please enter a different account for the same Country of origin.