Transfer Credits

What is a Transfer Credit?

Transfer Credits are granted for courses taken at another accredited postsecondary institution which are deemed as equivalent to a course at Fleming. In this way you may avoid the duplication of coursework where courses are assessed as essentially the same. This is a free service available to current full- and part-time students and former students who may require a credit in order to meet graduation requirements.

If you have a course from an accredited college or university that’s similar to a Fleming course and achieved a minimum grade of D (50 per cent) you may be eligible to apply for Transfer Credit at Fleming.

If your Transfer Credit Request is successful, you will not be required to take the Fleming course and a grade of “EX” will be assigned. Courses with a grade of “EX” are not included as part of a student’s GPA calculation.

Your application along with your Official transcript, course outline must be submitted no later than the end of Registration in order not to receive a “W” on your transcript. Students should remain enrolled in the class and should be attending until the final approval of their Transfer Credit has been Granted.

How do I apply?

How to complete online Transfer Credit Application Form

Students are encouraged to have their applications into the Registrar’s Office 15 business days before the start of term. Evaluation results for applications received later than this may not be processed prior to the Colleges add/drop deadline. Students should remain & attend class until final approval is given.

How do I find if my Transfer Credit has been accepted?

Once a Transfer Credit application has been processed, you will be notified by email. The results can be viewed in your Transfer Credit Report which can be found in your Student Center through your Student Portal.

Who do I contact?

The contact for transfer credits is the Transfer Credit Coordinator, located in the Registrar’s Office:

GNED’s – What you need to know

Did you know that there are specific requirements for General Education Electives? The ministry has laid out guidelines to make sure that students get the well-rounded education they need to be successful in the workplace. What this means is that you can’t just choose any course you took from another program/institution and receive a Gen Ed credit.

In college diploma programs, these courses are outlined very specifically and must fall under one of the following themes:

Arts in Society

Civic Life

Social and Cultural Understanding

Personal Understanding and

Science and Technology

These courses deal more with theory and less with applied learning. For more information you can check out the MTCU Colleges Policy Frame work here (pages 19-26).

University courses that fall under the above themes will also be considered for Gen Ed credit.

If you have a course that you think is eligible for a General Education transfer credit but aren’t sure, please don’t hesitate to contact the Subject Coordinator Lisa Stefaniak ( Make sure that you have your course outline available.


PLAR is Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition. It differs from Transfer Credits in that it’s an evaluation of any non-traditional learning a student may have completed. An example of this is on the job training. For more information on PLAR, please visit their website.



Can I find out how many transfer credit I will receive before I enroll in a Fleming program?

Transfer Credit evaluation decisions will not be processed until you become a Fleming Student.

If I drop courses because I have been granted Transfer Credit and my status changes to Part-time, what does this mean?

Being changed to part-time can affect your ability to advance to the next semester in your program. Check with your Records Specialist to determine how many courses you would need to maintain a full-time status.

If I drop a course because I have been granted Transfer Credit, will this affect my OSAP funding?

Check with the Financial Aid Office to determine whether your remaining course load affects your eligibility for OSAP assistance.

Is there a limit to how much credit I can transfer?

Fleming has a minimum residency requirement of 25%, which means that at least 25% of the courses taken towards a program must earned at Fleming.