“Let the Deed Shaw”

In present day parlance, it means “Let the Deed Show” but nonetheless, the motto on the Fleming family crest remains true. Our College namesake, Sandford Fleming, arrived in Peterborough in 1845 at age 18. By applying his talents and knowledge, he helped shape this country and the world. His accomplishments include design of the first map of Peterborough and Canada’s first postage stamp. A surveyor and planner of Canada’s first railway, he also introduced Standard Time to the world.

Convocation is the most important event in the College year. It is a special time for our Board of Governors, our staff, and most importantly for our graduates, their family and friends.

For more information regarding Convocation, contact:

Registrar’s Office
TEL: (705) 749-5530
TFN: 1-866-353-6464 ext. 1657