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Welcome Coordinators!  This is a website that’s been developed by Coordinators for Coordinators in order to assist you in your very important role as the “face” of your program or discipline/subject. The information within the tabs focuses on providing you quick access to tip sheets, resources, policies, procedures, best practices, and links all related to your duties.  Here are a few recommendations for using this website…

Please start your initial visit by clicking the Human Resources Coordinators Program and Subject Discipline document to review the duties and responsibilities.  While the duties have been determined by Human Resources, the Timeline Duties excel documents below provide related brief descriptions of each including timelines, policies, procedures, best practices, and important links.

Please also click on the one-page Annual Coordinator Checklist below, for an overview of your duties by month as they arise during the academic year. You may wish to print and post a hard copy of this in your Fleming work space for quick access.

On this page, move to the right-hand side and scroll down to review the brief descriptions of service area responsibilities and to access their websites instantaneously. In addition, when you click on the other tabs, you’ll see a similar format with links to associated department websites on the right-hand side.

Bookmark this website so that you can access it anytime.  To bookmark:

  • Go to the Address Bar at the top of your screen
  • Click on the Star Symbol on the right end of the Address Bar
  • When the Edit Bookmark box comes up, make sure the name of the site is correct (Coordinator Resources)
  • Make sure the folder that Coordinator Resources will be housed in is in the actual Bookmarks Bar which is just below your Address Bar on your screen
  • The next time you wish to access the Coordinator Resources website, click on the Bookmarks Bar where the name Coordinator Resources exists

While browsing, if you believe there is information that requires updating, is missing or you have a best practice or template that you believe should be shared with other Coordinators, please contact Molly Westland, Director of Academic Quality, Planning & Operations and Kirstin Parry, faculty from the School of Justice and Community Development.

Program Coordinator Duties Timeline


Annual Coordinator Checklist (Academic Year)